Luxury Provencal food hamper for two

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Luxury Provencal food hamper for two
This is a luxury food hamper for two, with an assortment of traditional French dishes from aperitif to desserts, a prestige menu for at least 2 persons to share tasty festive recipes.
You’ll discover the best specialties of Provence including the clairette de Die and typical confectionery.
A pure gourmet pleasure box for an exquisite holiday meal! ... Read more >>

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This luxury food hamper is prepared for two in order to share Provencal specialties from aperitif to coffee accompanied by Clairette de Die and confectionery. It consists of various traditional French dishes, all crafted or prepared in Provence, to offer as a Christmas gift, for example, or for any festive meal.

Provencal aperitif delight with olive oil (2 pots of 90 g)
Eggplant caviarBlack olive and truffle

These vegetable preparations with olive oil are ideal to taste on toasts or with Marseilles salt 'navettes' at the time of the aperitif.

They are composed of local ingredients without preservatives, palm oil, GMO or flavor enhancer. Only the mix of flavors and herbs gives a delicious reminiscence of summer evenings in Provence.

We propose 2 delights to share with vegetables and the aroma of truffle.

Provencal salt navettes (150 g)
navette with black olive flavor

An new version of the Marseilles 'navettes', rather known in sweet taste and orange blossom fragrance.

These are available in salty, black olives flavor to accompany the delights of aperitif.

Very original and festive in a meal for two!

Terrines of fish and game (2 pots of 80 g)
smoked salmon terrinepheasant terrine

After aperitif, a pheasant terrine and a smoked salmon terrine will be perfect as an appetizer.

The pheasant is a fine game and likely to please everyone. It’s usually cooked in Porto wine for special occasions. Traditional recipes are put in the spotlight by this old and famous house of Aix en Provence.

We add a terrine of smoked salmon, seafood that we love to find in a festive menu for a tasting with finesse.

These appetizers will bring fondant experience and freshness, and will harmonize perfectly with the Clairette de Die.

Gourmet dish for two (600 g)
duck with olivesboar stew

As the main course, you may choose from 2 delicious recipes of the French gastronomy: duck with olives or boar stew.

These dishes are cooked in Provence in the respect of the original recipes with local products. They are decorated with condiments and herbs with aromas of garrigue and olives.

A tasty balance for the pleasure of the taste buds.

Camargue rice (500 g)
camargue rice

What’s more suitable than Camargue rice as an accompaniment to a festive dish?

We offer a white rice out of the ordinary, labeled IGP and naturally fragrant for more gluttony. This rice is rich in all the diversity of the Camargue terroir, it will be perfect!

Fruit dessert (2 jars of 210 g)
peaches with caramelpeaches with caramel

A pair of Provencal cooked fruits to share: 2 jars of peaches with light caramel to bring a light, melting and gourmet note at the end of the meal, before the sweets.

No preservatives, GMO, palm oil or flavor enhancer are used in making these desserts... That's all good!

Chocolate delights
chocolate truffle with nougatcandied orange in chocolate

In order to end up the meal with cocoa taste, let’s offer organic candied oranges in chocolate (100 g) or nougat in the manner of a truffle (150 g).

Probably a unique experience regardless of the declination, with a high quality cocoa whose rare bean was chosen for its delicate taste by this Aix-en-Provence confectionery labeled EPV (a French prestigious quality label).

Sweets of Provence
nougat with hazelnutscalisson aix

Here is a choice of organic nougats with hazelnuts (100 g) or fruity calissons (75 g) to offer you the essential Provencal specialties, of artisanal making!

The quality of craft confectionery for an unforgettable holiday dessert ...

1 bottle of Clairette de Die, cuvee Imperial - 37,5 cl
clairette de die

Clairette de Die is a sparkling white wine vinified according to the ancestral method for 2000 years and recognized « AOC » since 1942. It’s quite unknown though, even by the French.

This is the Provençal 'champagne': the small parcels of vines are located in the Drome valley on a terroir bathed in sunlight. It is harvested by hand.

The cuvee Imperial of Jaillance is rewarded every year : 2018 and 2019 Gold Medal of the Concours General Agricole of Paris and the Concours des Grands Vins de France of Macon, among others.

The Clairette de Die is fruity and light (only 7 degrees of alcohol), and is an exceptional drink to accompany all the festive menus and a gourmet Christmas gift!

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Data sheet
black olives delight - aroma truffle, Jar of 2.90 oz, Peppers with olive oil
Smoked salmon with dill, Pheasant with porto wine, Jar of 2.57 oz
Camargue Rice
naturally scented
Cooked dish
Duck with olives, Boar stew, Jar of 600 g
Provencal navettes
4.8 oz bag
Candied oranges in chocolate - 150 g, Truffles with nougat - 150 g
Fruit dessert
Caramel peach vanilla flavor, Jar of 6.75 oz
Clairette de Die
37,5 cl
Sweets of Provence
fruity calissons - 75 g, Nougats with hazelnuts - 100 g


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