Easter chocolate gifts and confectionery

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Organic Easter chocolate gifts and luxury Easter eggs not expensive
Real Marseille Navettes with salted butter caramel Logo EPV
$9.64 -25%
In stock
The artisanal quality of these 'shuttles'  guarantees a very greedy and low calorie tasting like most biscuits of Provence.
They come in two versions : traditional with orange blossom , or less Provencal but just as delicious with salted butter caramel.
Made by a creator-confectioner, with the French label 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' (living heritage company) , they are available in eco-responsible box 150 g.
A very delicious crunchy pleasure! ...
mini egg hamper Logo EPV
$6.27 -25%
In Stock
This mini egg hamper is perfect for the Easter egg hunt tradition!
The size of a chicken egg, each solid chocolate egg contains 50 g of milk or dark chocolate depending on your choice.
It is handcrafted in Aix en Provence and can be accompanied if you wish by 75 g of chocolate fish bites of the same or mixed chocolate.
The French EPV label guarantees the excellence of a very refined recipe!
easter chocolate box Logo-AB-EPV
$11.72 -25%
Product available with different options
This charming chocolate filled Easter bunny contains a very high quality product hand made by an old Provencal confectionery near Aix en Provence.
A traditional assortment of fish-shaped molded bites for kids and gourmet adults (100g).
The choice between dark or milk chocolate is yours to please your loved ones.
This is an original presentation that adapts to your preferences with a chocolate of excellence!
gourmet chocolate easter eggs Logo-AB-EPV
$10.90 -25%
Product available with different options
Hang Apicao Easter chocolate gift boxes in your garden to surprise your child, or put it on your Easter table for decoration.
In any case, you will make people happy: toddlers and guests will appreciate the excellent organic chocolate content.
Sold in pairs, each metallic egg contains 50 g of Easter fish-shaped bites that you can compose as you wish: dark chocolate, milk chocolate or a mix of both.
cheap easter eggs online Logo-AB-EPV
$26.34 -25%
Out of stock
The bells will drop artisan Easter eggs for your children at the address of your choice.
The Easter egg hunt is likely to be greedy this year, because the maker of this 74% cocoa organic chocolate is an EPV labelled confectionery near Aix en Provence.
It’s specialized in traditional Provencal sweets.
Young and olders will be delighted with 300 g of delicious chocolate made from a rare and very tasty bean.
Available in dark or milk (39% cocoa)...
Easter chocolate chicken for kids Logo-AB-EPV
$19.98 -25%
Out of stock
Isn't this Easter chocolate chicken really pretty to offer to your children or grandchildren?
It’s artisanal, made in Provence by a confectionery labeled EPV (French know-how of excellence), which has preserved the traditions.
A rare, tasty and organic cocoa bean is the ingredient that makes this chocolate an exceptional flavor, 74% for dark and 39% for milk version.
The Easter ‘cocotte’ is filled with chocolate coated corn balls, and the whole thing makes 200 g of pure delight...
Organic Easter chocolate fish Logo-AB-EPV
$19.98 -25%
Out of stock
What an adorable Easter chocolate fish to celebrate the spring season!
In dark or milk, and filled, it will delight your children, because it’s freshly crafted by an old confectionery with a selected, rare and very tasty, organic cocoa bean.
So here are 200 g of an excellent, artisanal chocolate to treat your little ones, delivered to the address of your choice.
Don't delay in ordering: the egg hunt has already started for parents...
fun easter candy Logo EPV
$21.71 -25%
Out of stock
Do you want to offer a fun Easter candy?
Try these medium Easter eggs in a fish-shaped metal box both ecological and so funny
It contains 5 nougat eggs, including white and chocolate. It changes a little while remaining in the theme.
It offers an alternative to all those who want to celebrate Easter without chocolate.
For sure, the quality of the candy will be top-notch: the nougat is made by an old-fashionned French confectionnery.
Special Easter candy mix of organic chocolate Logo-AB-EPV
$8.17 -25%
Last items in stock
In the shape of 2 fish, this Special Easter candy mix contains 50 g of pure cocoa pleasure for fans of very good crafted chocolate.
Better than that: the chocolate is organic, and the confectionery was granted a label of excellence.
It’s therefore an excellent quality chocolate to be enjoyed by a gourmet.
One of the solid fish is 39% cocoa milk chocolate, and the other is dark chocolate, with 74% cocoa at least.
Treat your loved ones, for the price of cheap Easter chocolate...
organic easter milk chocolate Logo-AB-EPV
$10.63 -25%
Last items in stock
The tradition of Easter chocolate gifts shaped as seafood figurines, a cheap way to enjoy a cocoa from an exceptional bean, chosen for its aromatic qualities.
Dark (74%) or milk (39%) chocolate made in the Aix en Provence area by an EPV French quality labelled confectionery.
Gourmets won’t be deceived! ...
dark organic chocolate Easter bells Logo-AB-EPV
$19.98 -25%
Out of stock
These pretty chocolate Easter bells are freshly made in milk or dark chocolate, garnished with chocolate candies and small balls.
We propose 200 g of pure happiness, made by an artisanal, Provencal confectionery with the French EPV label (living heritage company).
Cocoa is made from an organic, rare and very tasty bean.
It’s more than 39% (milk) or 74% (dark) cocoa that your children will learn to taste like true gourmets at a very affordable price for such quality! ...
Gourmet Easter chocolate sheep - organic milk chocolate Logo-AB-EPV
$19.98 -25%
Out of stock
What a funny face! This gourmet Easter chocolate sheep (200 g), garnished, is so delicious too!
You can choose between milk chocolate (min. 39% cocoa), and dark chocolate (74%), made by a confectionery of Aix-en-Provence labeled EPV (Living Heritage Company).
Indeed, it’s an artisanal and organic Easter chocolate, made from a rare bean and selected for its taste.
No doubt you will be tempted to steal a few pieces from your toddlers! ...

Easter chocolate gifts and confectionery

As we love traditions very much, we do no exception to that of the egg hunt and Easter chocolate eggs for kids.

Without forgetting the older gourmets either, to offer you the best Easter chocolate of all: organic and artisanal, 74% cocoa minimum rate. And, in addition, at a very affordable price!

Find your Easter chocolate gifts or your Easter candy baskets among our traditional selection for children: luxury, organic, artisan chocolate Easter eggs or non chocolate Easter gifts, funny chiken, fish and sheep moldings, and also chocolate bites.

This dark or milk chocolate and other sweets are lovingly prepared from a very tasty cocoa bean by a French labelled EPV confectionery near Aix-en-Provence.

And for those who prefer without chocolate, they will find the new Easter eggs in vanilla nougat, with their reusable shell, from the same artisanal confectionery.

The adult gourmets, won’t miss our Provencal Easter sweet boxes designed to bring you maximum savor and pleasure.

This year, buy chocolate Easter eggs or candy gifts online to send and get an Easter egg delivered to your home, or to any address of your choice. Happy Easter to everyone!