Serving dishes

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Serving dishes and ceramic dishware from appetizer to dessert
large ceramic fruit bowl
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Perfect in every way, this large ceramic fruit bowl will serve you at all times.
It’s oven, microwave and dishwasher safe for everyday family use.
In addition, it’s entirely handmade, signed Vallauris, and you can choose its background color and pattern.
Smaller bowls in standard sizes are also available in the Provence collection to complete your servingware.
serving plates and platters
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This tart plate or serving plate is hand shaped and decorated, signed Vallauris, the pottery town where it was made.
It wears the Porquerolles decor in azure blue and turquoise on an off-white background.
Its diameter of around 30 cm without borders allows to contain many foods, and to nicely present round pies, quiches and birthday cakes.
Beautiful and practical at the same time! ...
handmade pie plate
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Adopt this handmade pie plate or a round cake plate, to nicely present you aperitif bites or desserts. 
It's ultra-practical!
It's made in genuine Vallauris earthenware signed and entirely decorated by hand.
The attractive Grasse decor, both rustic and poetic, is available in a whole tableware set.
You will find the matching small plates to compose your assortment. ...
ceramic tart dish
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What a lovely ceramic tart dish for a cake, a pie or a savory quiche!
Its very Provencal and friendly decor was made entirely by hand in a potter's workshop in Vallauris.
In addition, this round serving dish is microwave or traditional oven safe, which is very practical.
The Cavaillon crockery set also includes handcrafted ceramic plates of several sizes for your receptions. ...
oven safe dish
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This oven safe dish is entirely artisanal and comes from Vallauris, the historic capital of pottery.
It’s available in several background colors and for certain colors, you will also have the choice of patterns.
The Provence custom pottery dishware adapts to your taste to set pretty tables every day.
Also dishwasher resistant, this enamelled earthenware is very simple and so pleasant! ...
beautiful fruit bowls
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Use one of these beautiful fruit bowls to serve your desserts and fruits, or to keep them handy in the kitchen.
These decorative salad bowls with wavy edges are entirely handcrafted in the pottery city of Vallauris, and signed.
You can choose from several background colors and patterns according to your preferences.
The Provence table collection adapts to your taste, for easy everyday use.
Big serving bowls Cavaillon
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Adopt in your daily crockery these big serving bowls from Vallauris, shaped and decorated by hand!
The salad serving bowl borrows from traditional Provencal pottery its simple and generous curves and its country style in ocher yellow.
It’s available in 2 diameters for a family size or for a single person. The small model also serves as an individual salad bowl at home or for restaurants, with a slightly different decor.
Our advice: take both, they stack easily. ...
extra large fruit bowl
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Let yourself be seduced by this extra large fruit bowl for big salads, or family pasta dishes.
This earthenware of Vallauris is signed by the potter who shaped and decorated it by hand in his workshop.
The Grasse decor brings a unique and charming country touch to brighten up everyday crockery.
The salad bowl is dishwasher and oven safe. This is Provencal quality at your service!
kitchen fruit bowl
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This charming kitchen fruit bowl is ideal to present your fruit in the center of the table or to serve your desserts of ‘mousse’ or ice cream.
It’s an artisanal earthenware from Vallauris, signed under the base, and decorated by hand with the Cavaillon floral pattern.
This dinner set contains other sizes of assorted salad bowls and tableware for your everyday life, oven and dishwasher compatible for convenience.
nice salad bowls round blue
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You’ll love these nice deep salad bowls with the Provence pattern to use on a daily basis!
The pottery is handcrafted in Vallauris, and is compatible with the oven and the dishwasher.
Choose your background and pattern colors among the pretty Provencal colors available.
Two diameters exist for different capacities.
Thanks to this glazed earthenware your meals will be cheerful and convivial. ...
pretty fruit bowl
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If you are looking for a pretty fruit bowl or an elegant salad bowl, you’ve found it!
Available in 2 sizes, it’s entirely handcrafted in Vallauris with hand painted Porquerolles decor.
This doesn’t mean fragil, as it’s also machine washable and oven and microwave safe.
For everyday or to serve your guests, this small or large salad bowl will be very useful.
Matching crockery for the same table set is also available. ...
unusual fruit bowl
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This unusual fruit bowl has a wavy border and a Mediterranean blue pastel decor.
It’s shaped and painted by hand in Vallauris, and bears its signature.
Place it on your daily table with fruits or vegetables. It’s very decorative!
The Porquerolles table line also includes all the necessary crockery for the various meals of the day.
The coordinates of this fruit bowl are not lacking to complete your set. ...

Serving dishes

Explore our unique pottery dishes handmade in genuine earthenware from Provence!

All the serving dishes you need to bring food to the table from apetizer serveware to dessert are displayed here above.

Are you looking for a round serving dish, a pie plate or a deep pottery casserole? Here’s a provided choice where you’ll certainly find the perfect enamel baking dish that suits you, also good looking for table service.

They all are oven proof dishes and dishwasher safe for easy and efficient daily use. Our ceramic dishware is made in Vallauris, in a completely artisanal process, in white enamelled earthenware or in red culinary terracotta. Each piece is signed on the back with the name of the Provencal pottery capital.

Several collections have been created by decor to create magnificent tableware sets in the oldfashioned, though so beautiful style. Both poetic and rustic, this pottery dinnerware evoke the generous nature located around the Mediterranean Sea.

In order to match dinnerware with serving pieces, just click on the link to the selected collection, and you’ll see all the items available in this set. It's yours !