Good cheap Christmas gifts

Good cheap Christmas gifts | Family xmas gifts ideas
unique advent calendars Logo EPV
$35.49 -25%
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Choose unique Christmas Advent calendars with typically Provençal chocolates and confectioneries to delight young and old.
It contains different varieties of calissons, organic nougats and artisanal fruit pastes accompanied by nougat truffles, organic olives and organic candied orangettes with chocolate ... A delight!
These sweets are handcrafted by a confectionery labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.
For a tasty and very gourmet pleasure to offer or to treat yourself without moderation!
santa advent calendar Logo EPV
$31.85 -25%
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This pretty and gourmet Santa Advent calendar will not disappoint either foodies or gourmets!
It only contains Provencal bites, chocolate or not, from ancestral recipes.
They’re fresh-made by an old Aix en Provence confectionery to ensure freshness for a pleasure tasting until the holidays.
To offer to all those, young (over 4 years old) and older children who love great organic chocolate and French specialties.
Kitchen towels and dishcloths, pattern Coquelicots 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$18.92 -50%
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Kitchen towels and dishcloths by 3 units, 100% cotton woven honeycomb for high performance absorption. They are made in Provence with the pattern Coquelicots (poppies) in 3 colors. Choose your favorite! They are all machine washable with excellent color fastness. Bring a countryside look to your kitchen!... Read more >>
coffee table mats in yellow blue
$49.29 -25%
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These coffee table mats will enhance your interior design and bring a touch of Provencal elegance.
A beautiful cotton fabric dotted with traditional « flies » is quilted to give thickness and framed by a pretty floral frieze.
Avignon is the flagship collection of Marat d'Avignon®, available in many colors and table models. ...
Find out the collection Avignon >>
cotton on cosmetic bag - mini tote bag
$12.01 -25%
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Don't lose your small items in the bottom of the bag with this flat make up bag beautifully printed in toile de Jouy from the Pastorale collection.
It’s handmade in quilted cotton for strength, washable and lightweight.
It takes up little space but will hold your little essentials that you never part with.
There’s no chance of misplacing your essentials thanks to the zipper.
Larger tote toiletry bags and a matching handbag are also available.
tote purses for women - purses and handbags
$14.74 -25%
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Filled with timeless charm, this cotton make up bag from the Pastorale collection comes in several sizes for all your needs.
It is made of quilted cotton, and has a tote shape for large capacity and lightness.
This model is made in a workshop of Provence, France with great care for superior quality.
The Pastorale collection also contains a quilted handbag and a flat pouch to complete a travel set.
tote bags for women
$65.52 -25%
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You’ll fall in love with this toile de Jouy puffer tote bag from our superb Pastorale collection!
In ecru quilted cotton and pastel blue patterns, it is refined, elegant, light and 100% French-made.
Its artisanal production in Provence with materials made in France ensures quality and longevity that will stand the test of time.
And that’s good, because this handbag is timeless and unique.
Accessories are available to store your small belongings inside.
toiletry bag
$15.29 -25%
On order (available within 10 days)
How can you resist this pretty cotton toiletry bag from the Garlaban collection?
It’s available in several colors and 3 sizes for the bathroom, weekends or travel.
Its 100% cotton quilted manufacturing is carefully made in Provence using French materials.
Its advantages: light weight, large capacity and easy maintenance.
Compose your unique Southern French country style travel kit.
best gifts for foodies Logo EPV
$11.72 -25%
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Surprise! Here is a bag filled with 13 delicious Provencal bites made by a traditional confectionery (French EPV quality label) since 1880.
It's a greedy, very delicious gift for Christmas that you can also use to decorate your Christmas table.
A tasty mix of fruity bites, crunchiness and fondant prepared by hand to delight young and old alike with calissons, Marseilles 'navettes', nougats 'papillotes', artisan fruit jellies, 'orangettes' and 'olivettes', chocolate nougat truffles ... An original delight of quality at a low price!
This assortment of confectionery is a succession of sweets to end a Christmas meal in style, and share with family in happiness! ... Read more >>
makeup kit
$15.43 -25%
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Among this Fleurs des Champs collection by Valdrôme®, there is an extra-large makeup kit which is perfect for storing toiletry.
Unless you use it as a cabin travel pouch to take as many things as possible during your flight.
You can also accompany it with smaller models for short stays and everyday use.
They are made in Provence in a very feminine, floral and traditional Indian fabric.
fabric makeup bag
$15.29 -25%
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Choose the fabric makeup bag that suits you from the three sizes available in the beautiful Esterel collection.
They are made in Provence by an artisanal textile house and are made to last.
If you take the whole set, you will have a complete quilted tote travel kit.
The colors of yellow and saffron red recall the Esterel mountains overlooking the French Riviera and sunny landscapes: you are already on vacation!
large tote bag - summer tote bag
$65.52 -25%
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Undoubtedly the most summery of designs, the Lavandines print goes perfectly with this large tote bag, to carry everything without weighing down your load.
Made in Provence, this handbag is well designed to be used for multiple functions: for shopping, as travel tote, beach bag, or work tote.
It can do everything with complete elegance. And we love these sprigs of lavender that enchant the Provencal summer!