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Dining room table decor should be original and authentic as our linen
dining room linens
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These decorative table runners from the Olivia collection are very ‘Provencal chic’ with a pattern of olives framed by friezes.
There made of high quality jacquard woven cotton in several colors to suit your taste.
The coordinates exist to compose your table dressing according to your needs.
Don’t miss out this beautiful article which will add a subtle touch to your decor.
...
snowflake table runner
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This snowflake red and cream table runner is perfect for the Holidays with two arabesque friezes!
Available in 63 inches, it will brighten up your table during the end of year period with elegance and all the refinement of Provencal linen.
The jacquard weave sublimates the details and the cotton / polyester blend gives thickness to protect your furniture.
A lovely gift idea with the coordinates of the Minuit collection. ... Read more >>
xmas table runners
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Decorate your home with these elegant Christmas table runners from the wonderful Vallée collection!
The jacquard weave makes this item very attractive with colors and reliefs popping to create the drawing.
You’ll have to decide between the 3 different versions, but they are so pretty that you might mix Vallee deco linens to enjoy each one.
You will no longer run out of inspiration to dress up your living room during the holidays. ... Read more >>
Throw pillow cover Aubrac
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Fabric 18x18 pillow covers made in Provence, Jacquard cotton and polyester woven for a clean hold and a very elaborate texture. Washing and ironing is easy for this linen of beautiful quality. The Aubrac pattern is available in three colors to come into your home decoration and bring a touch of Provencal elegance. You will be captivated by the delicate design of flowers on a background of hearts we guess intertwined... Read more >>

Square table mat Auriol
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Square table mat to decorate a coffee table or to be used as couch throw. It has a marvelous texture in cotton and polyester woven Jacquard to give an impeccable outfit you may place in your living room. Its maintenance is simple. The dimensions of these table linens (57x57 inches) are suitable for a majority of round or square tables. The Auriol design, available in two colors, is one of our most beautiful lines... Read more >>
18x18 cushion covers on line
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Sweetness and romance characterize these 18x18 cushion covers, whether in blue or orange, made of Jacquard woven fabric.
They are part of the lovely Sillans collection of Marat d'Avignon® specializing in Provencal home decoration.
The mix of cotton and polyester allows an impeccable hold with easy maintenance. Two complementary tones are possible with two different sides to create harmonious assortments.
Be sure to check out the other items... Find out the collection Sillans >>
luxury table runner red christmas
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This luxury table runner was created and made in Provence by the traditional house Marat d'Avignon®.
The framed floral design is enhanced by the relief of the jacquard weaving.
Available in red or blue, the dimensions are ideal for a rectangular living room or dining room table.
You can match it with refined items from the Massilia collection which delights the lovers of beautiful table linen. ...
Find out the collection Massilia >>
Jacquard woven center table runner Riviera
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Adopt this center table runner to give your dining room an air of the French Riviera!
With neutral colors, this sepia design imitates old photos of Nice with its churches and baroque architecture.
The thick jacquard fabric will protect your furniture and warm your atmosphere.
This 20 inch wide table runner was created in Provence. You can accessorize it to enhance your decoration. ... Read more >>
Fabric tidy printed Moustiers
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Square fabric tidy, made of 100% cotton printed with Provencal motif, and machine washable. There are two colors available for this print entitled "Moustiers": blue or pink. Nice blue knots for one, ecru for the other color, finish this decorative box that can be used as a bread basket for table or as a tidy. The print collection Moustiers is just as refined as the earthenware made in this charming Provencal village... Read more >>
Rectangular plaid Jacquard woven Aubrac
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Beautiful, Jacquard woven, rectangular plaid or table mat, to be placed on a sofa, dining table or coffee table. This Provencal made-up linen is of a very high quality, made of cotton blended with polyester. It is easily maintained: washing machine and ironing is not a problem. The Aubrac design is available in two colors: ecru / orange and taupe / blue. Interesting dimensions for this item: 55 x 102 inches... Read more >>
Rectangular plaid Jacquard woven Chanteclair
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Decorative plaid for a sofa or a rectangular table (in 102 or 118 inches), beautifully made in Provence in Jacquard weave "Chanteclair". The quality of the fabric made of cotton and polyester allows a very practical maintenance, be it machine washing or ironing. You can cover either a sofa, a dining table or a coffee table with this wonderful plaid... Read more >>
Rectangular tablecloth woven Jacquard ecru green
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Rectangle plaid or table cover in beautiful woven Jacquard Auriol, a very Provencal pattern of olive branches. In 57" wide, and 106" long, this article is suitable for small and medium sizes. The quality of the weaving is ennobled by the mixed cotton and polyester composition for an outfit adapted to decoration and furnishing, with no problem for maintenance... Read more >>

Living & dining room

The centerpiece of the house is full of niches where to put the keys of your decoration, to give it a true style. Opt for some tones of our region, or dare Provencal makeover for your dining room table decor. We never get tired when it’s about handmade objects!

Browse our decoration catalog for the living room and you will find gift ideas, useful and durable objects, pieces made by man’s hand and that have an identity. Exactly what it takes to give a naturally elegant atmosphere to your interior, without fuss and yet with the nobility of the materials.