Bathroom decoration and accessories made in Provence await you here
makeup bag
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This make-up bag is made in Provence from the marvelous Bastide print of Marat d'Avignon® collection.
You may use it as a toiletry bag.
The fabric is padded and protected by an inner plastic lining, with a large storage, and an external pocket closed with snap fastener.
5 colors and 3 sizes to adapt to each need : find yours! ...
lavender from provence
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Our dried lavender seeds, harvest of the year, come from the lavender fields of a producer in Valensole, in Provence.
The Valensole plateau is renowned for its production of lavandin (grosso variety), with a camphorous and powerful scent, particularly relaxing and effective in repelling insects.
Without chemical treatment, it's a completely natural product, very popular with bees and butterflies! ... Read more >>
Dried lavender flower sachet bags New crop
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Our burlap lavender sachets bags contain about 0.7 oz of dried lavender flowers.
They come from a lavander field located on a hill in the country of Valensole, near the Verdon area, from lavandin plants of grosso variety.
They do not undergo any chemical or natural treatment, and only benefit from the sun and the rainwater, and ... the bees love them! ...
Personalize your bags (from 30 bags)
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very large toiletry bag
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A very large toiletry bag is ultra-convenient to store all necessities in the bathroom.
This one, made of quilted Provençal fabric, comes from the magnificent Avignon collection of Marat d'Avignon®.
Also available in medium size, it has an advantageous depth, beautiful finishes and 4 colors to seduce you.
Simple Provencal elegance! ...
cosmetic case
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This cosmetic case with very nice Provencal patterns comes in 4 colors and 3 sizes to fit all your needs.
The fabric is quilted and plastified inside, with two side pockets to hold pencils and brushes.
The zipper is very practical and protects your makeup kit.
A refined elegance for this model by Marat d'Avignon® that will inevitably seduce you!...
fabric makeup bag white blue
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This fabric makeup bag from the Calissons collection is attractive in many ways: zipped and large opening, space-saving flat shape, plastic interior, it fits easily in a handbag.
It comes in 6 very fresh colors and 3 sizes to seduce you. You’ll take it everywhere with you!...
large toiletry bag white red
In stock
This large toiletry bag made in Provençal pattern fabric, is pretty, light and of large capacity.
In Provence, we call « calissons » small motifs repeated allover the fabric.
A studied shape and depth, even in medium size, allows to store a large number of utensils and bottles for the toilet.
You can choose from 5 colors and even choose the color of the pattern in some cases.
For sure there’s one for you! ...
Tidy cotton printed Calissons white blue
In stock
Square cotton tidy with printed small Provencal patterns, available in 11 colors.
The Calisson fabric is 100% cotton and machine washable.
This printed fabric is part of the purest Provencal tradition, with its small motifs repeated again and again.
It is made in Provence by an ancient textile house ...
Decorative tidy in Cigales print
In stock
Tidy or case in Provencal fabric printed "cicada" blue color with bright yellow finishing knots, to store all your small items.
It is 100% cotton for easy maintenance.
Once the knots are undone, it flattens out to fit easily and save space.
In all rooms of your house, this tidy will be very smart because you can divert it for any other use...
Storage tidy Poppies and lavender yellow
In stock
Tidy made in a very cheerful and bucolic fabric, 100% cotton, to use for your home decoration in the terrace or in the garden.
Choose among three bright colors for a punchy decoration: blue, yellow or white background.
This square fabric basket is used as a tidy but can serve also as a bread basket for sliced bread, toast, pastries or keep your daily napkins but can. It's up to you. ...
white Fabric tidy printed Citron
In stock
A very Riviera printed fabric for this tidy to use either as a bread basket or to store little things.
You may deposit your coins or serve sliced bread in it. In white, blue or green, lemons recall the sweetness of life on the Riviera and bring brightness to your daily life.
Made of 100% cotton, this fabric is easy to clean.
If you untie the corners knots, you can flatten the basket and slip it easily in a drawer...
Fabric tidy printed Rose and Lavender
In stock
Fabric tidy, of square shape, in 100% cotton fabric and printed with bunches of roses and lavender.
This beautifully knotted basket will be lovely in every rooms of your house or on a lunch table.
It is manufactured with the greatest care by a textile house of Provence.
Easily maintained, the fabric is machine washable.
It can also be used as a bread basket in a corner of your kitchen or to decorate your dinner table...


The Provencal charm is perfectly adequate for a bathroom decoration, room where one looks for beauty and intimacy.

This section contains essential bathroom accessories: terry towels and bathroom storage tips.

Like all our home linen, our towels are made by specialized manufacturers who have researched and selected the best raw materials. The hand towels are made of a very dense terry cotton to offer you a quality towel, soft and thick.

We also display exclusive quilted fabric toiletry bags, some of which are manufactured by Marat d'Avignon®, a high end Provencal brand. These are available in many sizes and have very clean design: washable and light makeup bags, for travel, small or large cosmetic bags, beauty pouches...

As to storage accessories, our beautiful printed cotton baskets are bright with cheerful colors. They can collect all the little utensils and beauty necessities that are rarely stored in the drawers.

Those items brighten up the bathroom, often dark, because they are objects made in sunny Provence.