Toiletry bags

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Large, ultra-practical and elegant makeup and toiletry bags
large toiletry bag white red
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This large toiletry bag made in Provençal pattern fabric, is pretty, light and of large capacity.
In Provence, we call « calissons » small motifs repeated allover the fabric.
A studied shape and depth, even in medium size, allows to store a large number of utensils and bottles for the toilet.
You can choose from 5 colors and even choose the color of the pattern in some cases.
For sure there’s one for you! ...
fabric makeup bag white blue
In stock
This fabric makeup bag from the Calissons collection is attractive in many ways: zipped and large opening, space-saving flat shape, plastic interior, it fits easily in a handbag.
It comes in 6 very fresh colors and 3 sizes to seduce you. You’ll take it everywhere with you!...
cosmetic case
In stock
This cosmetic case with very nice Provencal patterns comes in 4 colors and 3 sizes to fit all your needs.
The fabric is quilted and plastified inside, with two side pockets to hold pencils and brushes.
The zipper is very practical and protects your makeup kit.
A refined elegance for this model by Marat d'Avignon® that will inevitably seduce you!...
very large toiletry bag
In stock
A very large toiletry bag is ultra-convenient to store all necessities in the bathroom.
This one, made of quilted Provençal fabric, comes from the magnificent Avignon collection of Marat d'Avignon®.
Also available in medium size, it has an advantageous depth, beautiful finishes and 4 colors to seduce you.
Simple Provencal elegance! ...
indian fabric toiletry bag
In stock
If you look for a pretty women’s toilet bag, here it is: named Tradition, because it’s made by Marat d'Avignon® in a beautiful Indian from Provence.
Quilted for extra hold, it’s lined and has interior pockets and a practical zipper.
Available in 2 large sizes for travel, handbag or the bathroom
makeup bag
In stock
This make-up bag is made in Provence from the marvelous Bastide print of Marat d'Avignon® collection.
You may use it as a toiletry bag.
The fabric is padded and protected by an inner plastic lining, with a large storage, and an external pocket closed with snap fastener.
5 colors and 3 sizes to adapt to each need : find yours! ...
Quilted fabric toilet bag
In stock
A quilted fabric toilet bag from the Marat d'Avignon® Bastide collection, elegant Provençal print!
With advantageous dimensions, it’s equally suitable for storing toiletries and as like extra luggage on a travel.
Two sizes and five colors are the proposed variations, for every need.
Probably a smart woman gift idea?...
Provencal toiletry bag
In stock
Offer this Provencal toiletry bag made by the traditional house Marat d'Avignon® in a beautiful Indian fabric.
It’s a quilted quality cotton, with plastic interior and pockets to hold your makeup kit.
This zipped toiletry bag is a great gift idea for women : colors and pratical aspect will seduce them for sure.
Available in 3 sizes...

Toiletry bags

Here are large, ultra-practical makeup and toiletry bags to store all your essentials: whether for the bathroom, the bag or the trip, they will be of great service to you.

Available in several sizes, colors and patterns, they adapt to all your needs with large and practical zipped openings, a waterproof plastic lining, interior partitions to optimize storage.

Pretty, well made and ultra light, the quilted fabric offers hold, a solidity foolproof and a very pleasant touch. The impeccable finishes highlight a refined elegance and design, which does not detract from the practicality.

All you have to do is to choose... And don't forget to give them away, because these are beautiful items that combine the useful with the pleasant, and which will be greatly appreciated!