About us

Our story :

REMEMBER PROVENCE was born in California, USA, in 1997, from the friendship of two American and two Provencal people. We all had the same passion and wanted to share the magnificent treasures of Provence with American people. REMEMBER PROVENCE was then created to promote traditions and products of Provence in the United States of America.

Having a very positive feedback from customers, we decided to widen this geographical scope. We extend it to the world in order to make everyone enjoy the history, traditions, cuisine and crafts made in Provence.

Our values :

We want to promote and defend certain values such as the authentic and traditional manufacturing respectful to the environment. We prefer 'slow made' and 'hand made' at the expense of mass production and rapid consumption.

Also, it is important for us to make you discover the best of Provence, to share unique experiences through our products and to make you aware of traditional crafts that are slowly disappearing.

Our development is based on very strong convictions:

  1. A controlled origin of products: all our products are originating and manufactured in Provence (historical borders) only.
  2. Handmade quality: all our products are made by craftsmen or Provencal artists.
  3. Certified authenticity: all our products come with a certificate of authenticity attesting to their Provencal origin and craftsmanship. Creative products are stamped or signed by the craftsman or artist with the exception of linen.
  4. Preserved traditions: all our products are made with the utmost respect for Provencal traditions.
  5. A customer service at your disposal: for any request for information, advice, purchases, deliveries or use of our products, our teams are committed to bringing you all the necessary information as soon as possible.

Our team :

REMEMBER PROVENCE is chaired by the historical founders who ensure the commitments of the company in terms of quality of products, authenticity and quality of services.

REMEMBER PROVENCE is divided into departments:

- Client Services Department: responsible for informing, advising and accompanying our customers. They manage the orders from the validation until the delivery of the products. They also manage the marketing and client benefits: advertising, promotion, gift list and sponsorship program. They are available by email to [email protected] to answer all your requests and / or questions regarding products, deadlines, delivery or returns.

- Purchase & Quality Department: responsible for the selection of suppliers and products for sale on the website with 3 essential criteria:

  • authentic Provencal products, tested by our team,
  • an artisanal production made in Provence only,
  • partialy or totally handmade in the greatest respect of Provencal traditions. Contact the Purchase & Quality Department by email at [email protected]

- IT Department: responsible for the management of the company's website and the e-shop. They optimize the website to offer you a pleasant, smooth and fast navigation experience. Please, contact the IT Department by email at [email protected]

- Administration and Finance Department: responsible for payments, refunds and invoicing. They are available by email at [email protected]