Enjoy our kitchen textiles of the best quality made in Provence !
decorative pot holders lemon green 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$9.73 -20%
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These decorative pot holders, to be used with matching gloves, are ideal for those who prefer a flexible and easy grip of dishes.
It’s thinner than isothermal pot holders and is easier to handle.
The pretty Citron print is very cheerful and bright, in three colors for your kitchen, and brings the Provencal sunshine that is often lacking in our daily life. ... Read more >>
fancy aprons poppies yellow
$19.46 -20%
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This female apron is bright and cheerful, as well in blue, yellow or white.
It’s also very effective in protecting your clothes from splashes.
The cut provides ample coverage at the top and bottom, with a large pocket on the front, and ties at the back.
Coordinated gloves and pot holders are also online in the very summery Coquelicots collection. ... Read more >>
Oven mitts, cotton printed Coquelicots white 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$18.87 -20%
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Oven mitts for cooking, sold in pairs, machine washable, with a unique size available.
They are made in Provence in the beautiful print Coquelicots, in four colors : blue, yellow, or white.
They are quilted and not too thick for easy grasping, with a fabric ring to hang near your kitchen countertop.
They are perfect for a country lunch!...
Hanging hand towels (x2), Coquelicots embroidery color ecru 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$27.02 -20%
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Hanging hand towels 100% cotton of superior quality, very soft, for kitchen or bathroom.
Made in the region, these round hand towels, 28 inches in diameter, suspend by the center to stay within your reach.
The embroidery of poppies and sprigs of lavender comes on several clear or more supported colors to illustrate Provence.
All these sets are machine washable...
Kitchen towels and dishcloths, pattern Coquelicots 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$19.46 -20%
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Kitchen towels and dishcloths by 3 units, 100% cotton woven honeycomb for high performance absorption. They are made in Provence with the pattern Coquelicots (poppies) in 4 colors. Choose your favorite! They are all machine washable with excellent color fastness. Bring a countryside look to your kitchen!... Read more >>
Heat resistant oven gloves Tradition, Marat d'Avignon yellow 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$24.47 -20%
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Heat resistant oven gloves from the Tradition collection by Marat d'Avignon®, made in Provence. They are sold in unique size by pair. The calissons all over print proposed here comes in 4 colors to choose from. It is quilted with insulated lining and a textile hook to hang it. It comes from the Tradition table collection, a high-end confection... Read more >>
Quilted potholders yellow 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$12.68 -20%
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Quilted potholders in set of 2 to complete your kitchen linen set from the Tradition collection by Marat d’Avignon®.
The quality quilted cotton with an isothermal layer, is the guarantee not to burn you while grabing the hot dishes.
They are available in white, blue, yellow and rust orange to illuminate your kitchen with the colors of Provence... Read more >>
Oven gloves, printed cotton Citron blue 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$17.69 -20%
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Oven gloves in quilted cotton printed Citron, with grip, machine washable.
They are sold in unique size by pairs.
You will love the fabric of good quality, their fruity pattern, their vitamin colors: choice of white, blue or green.
To please yourself or to match your Citron table linen.
They are made in Provence...
Double oven gloves, quilted cotton Bouquet de lavande white 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$17.69 -20%
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Double oven gloves of unique size, quilted cotton printed Bouquet de lavande in order to cook elegantly. They are made in Provence in a beautiful quality fabric available in very nice colors: ecru or yellow. They go with the collection of the same name to perfect your table linen service. And why not a gift idea?... Read more >>
Round baking dish
$44.22 -20%
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This round baking dish is made on request by a potter from Vallauris who perpetuates the city's traditional pottery. Two dimensions are possible. The round shape is typically Provencal, and the base of the dish can be decorated according to the sgraffite technique, like a ceramic engraving. The pottery is stamped. Cook healthy and prepare delicious gratins... Read more >>
grey tea towels in woven jacquard from france 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$38.81 -20%
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Look no further for holiday kitchen towels to use for your receptions: this is the Vaucluse model, from Marat d'Avignon®.
It matches tablecloths, napkins and table runners from the same collection. Sold by sets of 3, it’s made of woven cotton jacquard, with several colors available. The blue tea towels are associated with yellow, the grey tea towels tone on tone and the ecru plays with blue and grey.
All good quality items for table use! ...
Find out the collection Vaucluse >>
Oven gloves in ecru 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$24.47 -20%
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Oven gloves sold in sets of 2, quilted cotton with insulated lining, unique size.
These kitchen gloves are made in Provence by Marat d'Avignon® in the typical Avignon print, available in 3 colors.
They go with the apron Avignon to cook wearing high the Provencal colors!... Read more >>


Provençal fabrics are particularly suited to the needs of the kitchen textiles, thanks to the practical aspects of cotton in its various forms, and gay colors. In printed canvas, it fulfills the functions of protection of the cook. For example, quilted cotton can take the shape of gloves to take the dishes out of the oven. The kitchen aprons can also be woven Jacquard for a very elegant presentation. Dish towels come in two ways. The quality of the Jacquard woven tea towels is so beautiful that you can take them to the table. The honeycomb cloths decorated with embroidery, put fantasy in the kitchen daily. Hand towels, meanwhile, harmonize with the previous ones to create decorative sets, with a terry of high quality.

A large selection of kitchen linen, essential and studied to satisfy you, is offered in these pages. Our most beautiful collections are represented. The colors are singing, the decorations typical, or in reference to the terroir of Provence. Some items are sold in batches for obvious practical reasons. Choose your favorite patterns to cook while staying clean and safe.