Best and unique decorative dinner plates - handmade Provencal pottery
ceramic lunch plates
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Choose a handcrafted pottery style dinnnerware to enjoy everyday beauty and simplicity!
These ceramic lunch plates are unique and hand painted in a workshop in Vallauris, capital of pottery on the Riviera.
Round and flat, without complicated shape, they are dishwasher, traditional oven and microwave compatible.
They are signed by the craftsman. Sold from 6 to compose a cheerful table service to say ‘bon apetit’. ... Read more >>
blue and white salad bowls
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Adopt this patterned enamel fruit bowl to enjoy vegetables, a fruit salad or a portion of cereals.
This mid-sized bowl is very useful on a daily basis, and its flared shape allows easy storage in numbers.
Completely handcrafted in Vallauris, the Provence earthenware is compatible with ovens and dishwashers.
It’s available in several colors to compose your salad serving set.
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blue floral plates
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Original and so pretty, these blue floral plates come from the Porquerolles collection, in white earthenware and Mediterranean blue decor.
It’s entirely handmade in a potter's workshop in Vallauris, France, authenticated by a signature on the back.
Their dimensions are ideal for placing a piece of bread or a few olives if you use them as aperitif dishes.
Just placed next to a white plate, each plate will enhance your table dressing with a touch of French refinement! ... Read more >>
colorful ceramic dinner plates
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Fall for these mini ceramic plates with multiple uses that will brighten up your daily life.
This plate with Cavaillon decor could also be an aperitif dish, an ashtray, a bottle coaster, etc.
It’s handcrafted in Vallauris, and is part of a multicolored crockery set.
The colors of Provence, associated with the mastery of the craftsman, won’t fail to seduce you for a long time.
There is nothing commonplace about this earthenware! ... Read more >>
floral plate set
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Lovely, these hand painted ceramic plates, in real Vallauris earthenware, aren’t they?
They’re handcrafted in a traditional workshop, and are signed on the back to authenticate the provenance.
They’re ready to serve as individual bread plates, or as appetizer dishes for olives or peanuts.
This floral plate set will surely brighten up your dinners and parties, unless you want to offer it as an inexpensive, though unique wedding gift? ... Read more >>
ceramic side plates
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Choose the color of the background and the patterns of these ceramic side plates and compose a colorful dinnnerware set with speckled dinner plates.
As a bread plate, or for aperitif service, they can also decorate your table with candies, mini-bouquets or hold your candles.
Ultra-practical, these Provence decor plates are handcrafted in Vallauris, with an authentic signature on the back.
Here is a beautiful, inexpensive and unique gift idea. ... Read more >>
Dessert table plates
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Look no further for pretty, practical dessert table plates that are dishwasher and microwave safe.
This Provence model is at the same time beautifully made, functional and adaptable to your taste.
The motif is available in traditional colors (blue, yellow or deep green), or a cream background with more modern lavender or turquoise patterns.
The chic of the Provence collection is perfect for everyday tableware, to use outdoors or in your country house. ... Read more >>
Very large dinner plates with floral decor
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This set of very large dinner plates is not only lovely but also very useful.
They’re handmade in Provencal glazed earthenware, and each plate is signed on the back by a potter from Vallauris.
They are large enough to be used as a presentation plates or as a serving dish for aperitifs, cakes, pies…
They come from the Cavaillon tableware set including a large choice of crockery.
Now set a pretty table like in Provence! ... Read more >>
Spotty and colorful dinner set
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Among all the variations of this spotty dinner set, available from 6, you’ll surely find the best soup plate set.
This traditional Provencal ceramic allows interesting color schemes in bright or pastel colors.
These plates, like all models in the Provence collection, are handmade in Vallauris and signed by the craftsman.
Simple in shape, they are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.
What's your favorite? ...
6 setting dinner set
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This 6 setting dinner set with poppy pattern is frankly lovely and refreshing!
It’s part of the Grasse table collection, a nod to the beautiful flowers of our Cote d´Azur.
This earthenware crockery is made in an artisanal way and painted by hand, with the potter's stamp applied to the back.
This piece is a dinner plate, 25 cm in diameter, for the main course.
Compatible with all ovens and dishwashers for worry-free daily use. From 6 units. ... Read more >>
Blue and white dessert plates
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Fall for these romantic blue and white dessert plates with a beautiful decor in the style of a watercolor.
An original creation from a traditional Vallauris workshop, with the potter’s signature on the back.
For desserts or as afternoon tea plates, they’re available from 6 units to create a unique tableware set.
Assorted accessories such as a pie plate are also proposed in the Porquerolles collection.
This unique small plate will seduce you even more settled on your table. ... Read more >>
colorful fruit bowl
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This colorful fruit or salad bowl will find its place in your cupboards.
Flared and suitable for both the dishwasher and the oven, it’s convenient to stack.
But it will seduce you above all thanks to its entirely manual production signed Vallauris.
The very colorful Cavaillon decor is quite traditional and perfectly mastered.
There is nothing better than Provencal pottery to brighten up your meals!
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Here is a wide choice of curated fancy dinner plates and unique pottery style dinnerware sets.

They’re organized by kind to help you set a pretty table. All the plate dimensions are present: alongside the 25cm dinner plates, you’ll find a matching soup plate, or a large serving plate, or a dessert plate with the same pattern.

We made it easy to compose, for example, a 6 person, microwave safe dinnerware set. Compose an elegant dinner set according to your taste by choosing the collection you want.

Whether you are looking for a colourful dinnerware or pastel dinner plates, our items are sorted by collection with the photo of the ceramics staged to give you some ideas for your dining table dinner set.

All pieces of this artisanal crockery are handmade in Provence, and have a specific authenticity resulting from the know-how of our regional craftsmen.

These pretty dinner plates are original and unique: they are timeless. Also think about wedding gifts! We can customize the plates on demand by adding a name or a date. Personalized ceramic plates are sold without any additional cost.

The hardest thing will be to decide between patterns and colors!