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  • The culinary pottery of Vallauris
    The culinary pottery of Vallauris
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    Cooking in terracotta is healthy, it allows to gently cook ingredients keeping their own taste individually, without adding fat and without drying them. Ideal for cooking vegetables, for example, in a classic oven or even in the microwave. We wish you bon appetit !

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  • Provence, an old and lively land
    Provence, an old and lively land
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    Of all the regions of France, Provence is certainly one of the most deeply rooted in history and traditions that have been perpetuated from age to age on its soil. A culture that, since ancient times, is marked by the influence of neighboring colonizing peoples, but also by its geographical position and its climate just as temperate as excessive when the natural elements show their strength.

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  • Three different Provence
    Three different Provence
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    Since the twentieth century, we can see the heart of cultural Provence through three major influences that identify three very marked terroir: firstly, Provence Mistral, most central, the plains; Then Provence of Jean Giono, to the east and a more mountainous; Finally, the Provence of Marcel Pagnol, one bordering the Mediterranean Sea. These three Provence juxtapose a folkloric and linguistic point of view, and recross for doing a unit where all the Provence identify with the great...

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  • Soup recipe molds
    Soup recipe molds
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    Pour the soup into a beautiful bowl after placing the rest of the molds. Present croutons, rust and grated cheese in small hollow plates separate.

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  • My family recipe soup with pesto
    My family recipe soup with pesto
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    When preparing the "pesto" is ready, stir the soup off the heat and mix. The soup is ready to be consumed. She exudes a scent of basil and olive oil.

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  • My recipe for ratatouille
    My recipe for ratatouille
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    This is a recipe that is prepared in medium or large amount, even in freezing part in a jar. More it is heated, the better.

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  • My recipe of sea bass with fennel
    My recipe of sea bass with fennel
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    Cram the bass with fennel pin portions and place fennel branches in the bottom of the dish. Top with the fish. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice...

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  • The daube provencale
    The daube provencale
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    Disposing the rind in the bottom of a daubière, place the meat over and onion, salt and pepper and pour over the marinade by keeping a glass to put in the lid of the daubière...

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  • A family recipe for bourride
    A family recipe for bourride
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    The bourride is a unique dish of fish between bouillabaisse and aioli. This is a lean dish, equally delicious and good for memory ...

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  • Recipe anchoiade
    Recipe anchoiade
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    This recipe is light, colorful and full of vitamins. It is traditional in Provence as input to the meal of Christmas Eve.

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  • The most important holidays of the Provencal calendar - Provencal Christmas
    The most important holidays of the Provencal calendar - Provencal Christmas
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    Deeply rooted in the culture of Provence are calendales holidays. This begins December 4, the day of St. Barbara, and end on the eve of Candlemas, when we must defeat the crib ... It is a period that spreads out on the last month of the year and the first of the following year, the hardest to pass because the harshest winter in Provence. It is also a tradition closely linked to religion of Provence, predominantly Catholic, and this is certainly one of the reasons why this festival has...

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