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Best facial treatment and Care | Dry and Sensitive skin | 100% natural
best all natural body wash - All natural skin products
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This treatment, special anti aging, gently hydrates and nourishes in depth ... The skin regains softness and radiance with an elegant and refined scent.
It includes rose floral water to preserve the youthfulness of the epidermis, an ultra-rich natural body scrub to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin and restore softness and radiance. This set is completed with a natural solid face and body soap rich in vitamin E with peony and an original face and hand soap in the shape of a cicada and scented with rose.
A real youthful cocktail to be used daily on combination skin, body and face!
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Body and face care set
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A special relaxation box beneficial for your body and face with the provencal scents and 100% natural ... A good way to prepare summer!
It includes an anti aging eye cream for intense hydration and an anti-aging effect, orange blossom water with regenerating, calming and soothing properties, a solid soap with vitamin E and monoi for daily relaxation and a relax balm with essential oils.
To relax and unwind on a daily basis!... Read more >>
Best bar soap for dry skin and body products
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Complete kit of body and face soaps for all skin types (oily, dehydrated, combination) ideal as a cleanser, exfoliator or makeup remover for the whole family.
Composed without EDTA, without toxic substance and without preservatives, these soaps are 98% of natural origin and enriched with vitamin E.
Each coloring is of mineral origin and adapts to your mood and your needs (seaside, peony, verbena and monoi).
You will enjoy using it as well on your body, your face or your hands.
Ideal as a gift or to have fun on a daily basis!... Read more >>
Natural and organic face care treatment
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The best natural and organic products to rejuvenate and plump your face and give it a boost of radiance and youth ...
First, take advantage of an anti-aging collagen treatment for the face: immortelle macerate, a real treasure of youth.
You will also find a plumping treatment based on apricot butter to restore a luminous and radiant complexion.
A verbena soap, enriched with excellent anti-aging vitamin E, completes this set by giving fresh notes, ideal for relaxing in the shower on a daily basis.
Ideal as a gift or simply to have fun!... Read more >>
Mens face care - best facial care for men
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A box grouping together the best care for the face and the skin of men ... Only natural products for a complete beauty treatment.
It includes an oil for a shiny beard, an authentic soap to tone the face, a 100% natural Marseille soap for dry and sensitive skin, and a verbena soap with vitamin E to relax in the shower in daily use.
It brings you hydration and cleansing of the skin and the beard: a complete organic and natural facial treatment for men!... Read more >>
Best moisturizer for dehydrated skin - Facial care set
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This set includes the best facial care products and natural moisturizers for dehydrated skin.
It gently nourishes and softens the skin, hydrates and revitalizes the face and fights against skin aging...
Composed of a natural face cream, moisturizing cleansing micellar water, organic donkey milk soap and goat milk soap, it is used daily for all skin types (dehydrated skin, acne, oily skin, very sensitive skin, ...).
A real beauty cocktail to be consumed without moderation!... Read more >>
Most pure and natural soaps kit
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Set of pure and natural soaps to be used as hand care, make-up remover, facial cleanser, acne treatment and oily skin ... Good for the whole family!
These are artisanal, handmade and 100% natural soaps that deeply scrub and cleanse the skin of the face.
Real hydrafacial care for all skin types, even the most sensitive ...
They are also used as hand care by moisturizing and repairing dry or damaged hands.
Only good skincare products for all!...
Skin treatment for face and beauty products organic skin care
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A essential of care and beauty for the face: this set provides you the best products for the skin and the care of a natural and radiant face.
The macerate brightens your complexion and delays the appearance of brown spots, the Intensive cream is a powerful and natural anti-wrinkle, the organic donkey milk soap moisturizes and softens your skin and the essential youth serum plumps it up ...
A real makeover to be tested without hesitation for a complete facial rejuvenation! ... Read more >>
Best facial treatment for aging skin
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Unifying cream, eye contour, cleansing and moisturizing treatment for the face ... A complete natural facial treatment for aging and daily beauty.
Ideal for correcting complexion imperfections and providing intense hydration with an anti-aging effect, it also provides comfort and softness to all skin types.
A facial routine set that you will not be able to do without!... Read more >>
beauty treatments for face - best facial kit
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Special for teenagers and young skin, this facial kit purifies and provides effective face treatment against acne, dehydrated and oily skin.
To be used daily as a 100% natural facial treatment!
It consists of an Ayurvedic soap with 18 plants, a natural soap for sensitive skin with calendula oil, a block of pure goat's milk soap and one of the best liquid donkey milk soap.
Beauty treatments for teenage face to provide hydration, exfoliation and facial scrub! ... Read more >>
Natural products good for skin - Beauty care
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Anti aging, effective anti wrinkle treatment, solid soaps, here is the facial and body care set you need ... 100% Natural skin and beauty care!
This set includes a macerate to restore firmer skin and a luminous complexion, a real Marseille soap with olive oil for dry and sensitive skin and original solid and natural soaps with pastis (pétanque ball) and lavender ( cicada) ... a good gift idea!
A complete face and body treatment with 100% natural products!.. Read more >>
Beauty treatments for face
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Anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, exfoliating, cleansing, a complete set to fight against all imperfections with organic and natural facial products.... A must have!
This set includes a Immortelle macerate, a concentrate of active ingredients for rejuvenation.
Combine with a green clay for face, an organic donkey milk soap and an exfoliating black soap, you will also purify and soften your skin in depth.
A real answer to facial imperfections to use on a daily basis!... Read more >>