Ashtrays & Tidy Trays

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Unique ashtray gifts in handmade french pottery of Provence
Decorative tidy printed Tradition yellow
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Beautiful fabric tidy to use as a bread basket or decorative storage case. It is made in Provence, by MARAT D'AVIGNON, one of the most beautiful traditional confections of our region. Moreover, the Tradition print, is a 100% cotton fabric of high quality, and easy to maintain. The square shape is so practical if you superimpose several baskets to store more things. Four very Provencal colors are available: ecru, yellow or rust... Read more >>
Tidy Bastide lavender
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Square shaped fabric basket or tidy to use as a storage case.
The provençal Bastide print of Marat d'Avignon is a 100% high quality cotton fabric.
It is easy to maintain.
Five colors are available: lavender blue with yellow, navy blue on a white background, green, red and ecru with a turquoise.
You may divert this object from its obvious use to make a nice storage box everywhere at home...
lined bread basket for xmas
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Add a touch of elegance to your holiday table with our lined bread basket from the Cervin and Vallee collection.
It has an elegant pattern in 3 different colors, decorated with stylized deer.
This accessory is perfect for dressing up your holiday table or creating a warm atmosphere in a mountain chalet.
This square trinket box can also be used as a centerpiece for Christmas.
Fabric tidy printed Moustiers
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Square fabric tidy, made of 100% cotton printed with Provencal motif, and machine washable. There are two colors available for this print entitled "Moustiers": blue or pink. Nice blue knots for one, ecru for the other color, finish this decorative box that can be used as a bread basket for table or as a tidy. The print collection Moustiers is just as refined as the earthenware made in this charming Provencal village... Read more >>
Fabric tidy printed Rose and Lavender
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Fabric tidy, of square shape, in 100% cotton fabric and printed with bunches of roses and lavender.
This beautifully knotted basket will be lovely in every rooms of your house or on a lunch table.
It is manufactured with the greatest care by a textile house of Provence.
Easily maintained, the fabric is machine washable.
It can also be used as a bread basket in a corner of your kitchen or to decorate your dinner table...
Tidy cotton printed Calissons white blue
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Square cotton tidy with printed small Provencal patterns, available in 11 colors.
The Calisson fabric is 100% cotton and machine washable.
This printed fabric is part of the purest Provencal tradition, with its small motifs repeated again and again.
It is made in Provence by an ancient textile house ...
Decorative tidy in Cigales print
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Tidy or case in Provencal fabric printed "cicada" blue color with bright yellow finishing knots, to store all your small items.
It is 100% cotton for easy maintenance.
Once the knots are undone, it flattens out to fit easily and save space.
In all rooms of your house, this tidy will be very smart because you can divert it for any other use...
Storage tidy Poppies and lavender yellow
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Tidy made in a very cheerful and bucolic fabric, 100% cotton, to use for your home decoration in the terrace or in the garden.
Choose among three bright colors for a punchy decoration: blue, yellow or white background.
This square fabric basket is used as a tidy but can serve also as a bread basket for sliced bread, toast, pastries or keep your daily napkins but can. It's up to you. ...
white Fabric tidy printed Citron
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A very Riviera printed fabric for this tidy to use either as a bread basket or to store little things.
You may deposit your coins or serve sliced bread in it. In white, blue or green, lemons recall the sweetness of life on the Riviera and bring brightness to your daily life.
Made of 100% cotton, this fabric is easy to clean.
If you untie the corners knots, you can flatten the basket and slip it easily in a drawer...

Ashtrays & Tidy Trays

1 - Faience Ashtrays & tidy trays

Get many ashtray ideas, very useful for all the rooms in the house. Rare pieces for ashtrays collectors can be found in this section, as well as mens trinket trays.
For example, they come as mens catchall tray in different shapes. They can remain on a table to deposit card games, smartphones and small objects. This category is an inspiration for all your gifts: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary and Weddings.
This faience pottery brings a romantic and delicate touch on a coffee table because it’s an authentic Moustiers faience. You will be able to present elegantly sweets, sugared almonds and other treats to your hosts in these dishes. The hand-painted decorations are subtle, to disseminate in your living room the ancestral know-how of a French pottery of Provence.
Get out of the ordinary with these original trinkets from the most beautiful Provencal crafts!

2 - Cloth baskets

These baskets made in Provencal fabric are refreshing and useful to tidy and decorate all rooms of your home. They can also stay some place of your kitchen to drop your napkins, pill boxes and small utensils. Get out of the ordinary with these decorative storage baskets very original in Provencal fabric.

Bread basket or storage tray? You decide how to use these square printed cotton containers. The finishing strip ends with knots attached to each corner. It is possible to reduce the volume of the object in order to store it flat.

Delightful and ingenious, we present it here as storage or bread basket in Provencal fabric. You could also use it everyday to store the napkins of the family table. In the kitchen, you can also store eggs, or bags of biscuits, for example, our delicious Provencal navettes.

These square tissue containers are ultra-practical.