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18x18 cushion covers on line CLEARANCE
$33.89 -30%
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Sweetness and romance characterize these 18x18 cushion covers, whether in blue or orange, made of Jacquard woven fabric.
They are part of the lovely Sillans collection of Marat d'Avignon® specializing in Provencal home decoration.
The mix of cotton and polyester allows an impeccable hold with easy maintenance.
Be sure to check out the other items... Find out the collection Sillans >>
Casserole dish with lid made in Vallauris - Honey color CLEARANCE
$50.09 -35%
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This casserole dish with lid is oven proof for baking good dishes. If you are aware about the criteria of non-toxic components, culinary pottery Vallauris is made for you! You will cook healthy, and without burning your ingredients through a gentle heat. In addition, it’s so beautiful, decorated or not,... Read more >>
Terracotta salad serving bowl made in Vallauris CLEARANCE
$26.52 -35%
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Salad serving bowl, made of culinary pottery following the tradition of Vallauris. The ceramic is resistant to oven and microwave. It declines in 5 different sizes to have stackable salad servers. Most of them are available with decoration on the bottom (sgraffitto decor) to serve your dishes at the table with a touch of elegance and fantasy... Read more >>
table runner ecru red CLEARANCE
$48.62 -30%
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Christmas table runner, in "Auriol" very regional motif, with its frieze of olive branches, in shades of deep red on ecru background, jacquard woven, for rectangular tables. Composed mainly of cotton, it is washable in machine. It is made by passionate confectioners in a city of Eastern Provençal. Its dimensions are compatible with all rectangular tables... Read more >>
Tian dish for oven baking in terracotta CLEARANCE
$103.13 -35%
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This Provencal tian dish is handmade in Vallauris, in traditional culinary pottery according to ancestral methods. It will allow you to cook easily and healthy delicious vegetables dishes, baked in a glazed terracotta dish. Sgraffito decor give elegance and fantasy. The ceramic is made stamped and supplied with instructions... Read more >>
Terracotta skillet handmade from Vallauris CLEARANCE
$23.57 -35%
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This large skillet in terracotta from Vallauris is handcrafted and stamped. Thanks to non-toxic components, you’ll cook healthy. It will help you prepare your dishes by oven baking for a mellow and incomparable taste. Perfect for low heat cooking. Microwave and dishwasher compatible... Read more >>
Slow cooker in glazed terracotta from Vallauris CLEARANCE
$47.88 -35%
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This is a terracotta slow cooker or large deep cooking pot handmade by a potter from Vallauris. No toxic components, to cook healthy foods that keep their juice and taste without drying out. You’ll appreciate good dishes, without comparison with cooking in other materials. This pot can be decorated on the base, optional... Read more >>
Pitcher for wine or water, Vallauris pottery CLEARANCE
$44.20 -35%
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You will love using this pitcher to serve wine or water on your table. It’s handmade following the traditions of culinary pottery of Vallauris, and comes in 3 sizes for each useA decorative pitcher with a unique Provencal look to ornate your kitchen and table!... Read more >>
Large salad bowl in terracotta, Vallauris pottery CLEARANCE
$76.61 -35%
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This large terracotta bowl will be essential to the kitchen as a salad serving bowl, but also to heat food in the oven. It’s a Vallauris traditional ceramic and it is decorated (sgraffito). A nice presentation for all your salads! Compatible with microwaves and dishwashers. The piece is stamped by the potter... Read more >>
Round gratin dish, handmade in Vallauris, France CLEARANCE
$44.20 -35%
Product available with different options
This round baking dish is made on request by a potter from Vallauris who perpetuates the city's traditional pottery. Two dimensions are possible. The round shape is typically Provencal, and the base of the dish can be decorated according to the sgraffite technique, like a ceramic engraving. The pottery is stamped. Cook healthy and prepare delicious gratins... Read more >>
Colorful tablecloths, cotton printed Calissons red CLEARANCE
$58.44 -35%
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Red tablecloths 79 x 59 inches for rectangular table, without coating from the printed Calissons collection. It is 100% cotton machine washable, extremely simple and made in Provence, for all uses. Charming Calissons!... Read more >>
party napkin CLEARANCE
$49.01 -45%
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Party napkins matching the Renaissance table service, 100% cotton, machine washable. It is sold by sets of 6, and is available in turquoise blue, 20x20 inches. The Renaissance model is made in Provence in a beautiful tableware Jacquard weave, a bestseller... Read more >>