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Tidy printed Bouquet de lavande
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Tidy, square shape with knots, made of cotton printed with "lavender bouquet" motifs. You will find it in 2 colors: white background or yellow background. The fabric is 100% cotton, and therefore very easy to maintain, machine washable. This could also be used as a bread basket. This article is made in Provence, of course!... Read more >>
Mens face care - best facial care for men
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A box grouping together the best care for the face and the skin of men ... Only natural products for a complete beauty treatment.
It includes an oil for a shiny beard, an authentic soap to tone the face, a 100% natural Marseille soap for dry and sensitive skin, and a verbena soap with vitamin E to relax in the shower in daily use.
It brings you hydration and cleansing of the skin and the beard: a complete organic and natural facial treatment for men!... Read more >>
best all natural body wash - All natural skin products
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This treatment, special anti aging, gently hydrates and nourishes in depth ... The skin regains softness and radiance with an elegant and refined scent.
It includes rose floral water to preserve the youthfulness of the epidermis, an ultra-rich natural body scrub to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin and restore softness and radiance. This set is completed with a natural solid face and body soap rich in vitamin E with peony and an original face and hand soap in the shape of a cicada and scented with rose.
A real youthful cocktail to be used daily on combination skin, body and face!
...
Body wash products - bath and soap
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An anti-fatigue treatment with body wash products that will bring you relaxation, beauty and deep cleansing ... Only pleasure!
This set includes an organic shower gel with soothing and extremely soft lavender, a Hammam black soap for a deep exfoliation, effervescent pebbles with organic donkey milk for a gentle cleansing of the skin and a essential oil balm to find calm and serenity.
Good moments of sweetness and relaxation in perspective!... Read more >>
Quilted fabric toilet bag
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A quilted fabric toilet bag from the Marat d'Avignon® Bastide collection, elegant Provençal print!
With advantageous dimensions, it’s equally suitable for storing toiletries and as like extra luggage on a travel.
Two sizes and five colors are the proposed variations, for every need.
Probably a smart woman gift idea?...
Fabric tidy printed Moustiers
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Square fabric tidy, made of 100% cotton printed with Provencal motif, and machine washable. There are two colors available for this print entitled "Moustiers": blue or pink. Nice blue knots for one, ecru for the other color, finish this decorative box that can be used as a bread basket for table or as a tidy. The print collection Moustiers is just as refined as the earthenware made in this charming Provencal village... Read more >>
Tidy Bastide lavender
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Square shaped fabric basket or tidy to use as a storage case. The provençal Bastide print of Marat d'Avignon is a 100% high quality cotton fabric. It is easy to maintain. Four colors are available: lavender blue with yellow, navy blue on a white background, red and ecru with a turquoise. You may divert this object from its obvious use to make a nice storage box everywhere at home... Read more >>
lavender from provence
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Our dried lavender seeds, harvest of the year, come from the lavender fields of a producer in Valensole, in Provence.
The Valensole plateau is renowned for its production of lavandin (grosso variety), with a camphorous and powerful scent, particularly relaxing and effective in repelling insects.
Without chemical treatment, it's a completely natural product, very popular with bees and butterflies! ... Read more >>
Bathroom hand towels (x2), with Lavender decor color ecru
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Bathroom hand towels in sets of 2, possibility of 3 colors, made in Provence, decorated with a Lavender embroidery.
The terry cotton is very thick and soft, to wipe your hands gently in a bathroom or in the kitchen.
Machine washable
, these items of good quality will remind you of lavandin fields with so nice scent... Read more >>
Clean body products - Lavender Beauty box sale
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Complete, effective and 100% natural face and body care kit based on lavender and its benefits for deep cleansing and hydration of your skin!
This set includes a floral water to cleanse and soften perfectly suited to normal and oily skin, an essential natural shower gel with organic essential oil of lavandin, the best essential oil of lavender from Provence and its multiple virtues and an original cicada soap with shea butter and natural pigments, enriched with 72% oil.
Ideal for everyday use and as a gift! ... Read more >>
Natural products good for skin - Beauty care
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Anti aging, effective anti wrinkle treatment, solid soaps, here is the facial and body care set you need ... 100% Natural skin and beauty care!
This set includes a macerate to restore firmer skin and a luminous complexion, a real Marseille soap with olive oil for dry and sensitive skin and original solid and natural soaps with pastis (pétanque ball) and lavender ( cicada) ... a good gift idea!
A complete face and body treatment with 100% natural products!.. Read more >>
Skin treatment for face and beauty products organic skin care
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A essential of care and beauty for the face: this set provides you the best products for the skin and the care of a natural and radiant face.
The macerate brightens your complexion and delays the appearance of brown spots, the Intensive cream is a powerful and natural anti-wrinkle, the organic donkey milk soap moisturizes and softens your skin and the essential youth serum plumps it up ...
A real makeover to be tested without hesitation for a complete facial rejuvenation! ... Read more >>