Chocolates and confectionery

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Chocolates and artisanal confectionery | A delight not to be missed!
romantic valentine gift Logo EPV
$14.76 -15%
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This Valentine's heart box will be filled with a choice of chocolates, calissons, nougats or a complete assortment.
It is so romantic with red rose petals, perfect to offer your sweet heart a delicate gourmet treat !
These bites are of the highest quality, with the guarantee of the French ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ label.
They’re freshly made in a workshop of Aix en Provence with 140 years of experience.
A romantic Valentine gift for sure! ...
Valentine's Day sweets in ballotin Logo EPV
$15.56 -15%
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This adorable ballotin will contain Valentine's Day sweets to choose from our different variations.
They’re artisanal confectionery made in Provence by an Aix en Provence family workshop recognized by the French excellence EPV label.
The organic chocolate with a cocoa content of 74% is delicate, the nougat is organic also, and the calissons have received the Grand Prix de France.
This is a very gourmet Valentine's gift for a husband with a fine palate, for example.... Read more >>
edible valentine's Day gifts Logo EPV
$12.88 -15%
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Give him this Valentines sweet treat box to make him (her) melt with pleasure!
In this pretty red pouch with gold hearts, handcrafted treats to choose from our variations.
Rather chocolate, calissons, nougats or all three at the same time? Our choice adapts to the tastes of your lover.
In any case, the French EPV label of excellence guarantees quality tasting, to which is added the organic label for chocolate and nougat, and the Grand Prix de France for calissons.
Impossible to go wrong! ...
Chocolate and nougat truffles Logo EPV
In stock
Very original and surprising in flavor, this confectionery is made with all the talent of a Living Heritage Company!
Entitled "Mamie Chocorine", this box contains a taste surprise: imagine a hazelnut nougat coated with chocolate and cocoa powder.
It’s nougat like a truffle ... This confectionery will surprise all your guests!
Easter special organic milk chocolate bar 'Mendiants' Logo-AB-EPV
In stock
A Christmas must-have, here is an organic chocolate 'Mendiant' from Provence.
This small bar of chocolate, dark or milk sprinkled with dried fruits, is made with a chocolate with a high cocoa content (at least 74% for dark chocolate and 39% for milk chocolate). It's organic made from a rare and very tasty bean.
Pieces of candied orange mingle with roasted almonds to evoke the mendicant orders of the Christian Christmas.

Calissons d'Aix en Provence in diamond box Logo EPV
In stock
"Grand Prix of France" calissons made according to tradition since 1880, a sure treat to share or to offer without moderation! Presented here in a diamond box, a well-known classic from Aix-en-Provence area.
You will discover a tasty mix of candied fruit and almonds, with a thin layer of royal icing melting in the mouth!
Available in 3 sizes to suit all delicacies. ... Read more >>
Calissons from Aix Logo EPV
On order
Very playful and imaginative, this pretty recyclable wooden box with sliding closure conceals a real checkers game filled with small round calissons with a vanilla and caramel glaze (180 g).
The only difference with the classic game is a slightly misguided rule of the game: any jumped pawn is a pawn to be eaten! ... and we will keep the box for another use!
It’s the perfect gift! Play while enjoying French delicacies ... guaranteed atmosphere! ... Read more >>
Box of fruity mini calissons from Aix en Provence Logo EPV
In stock
Raspberry-pistachio, peach-pear or all cherry, these small bites are tender and fragrant to perfection ... Even connoisseurs will be pleasantly surprised!
A sure treat to share or to offer without moderation! Presented here in an eco-responsible recyclable box. You'll discover a tasty mix of candied fruits and almonds, with a thin layer of royal icing melting in the mouth!
Available in 3 three different tastes to satisfy all gourmets. ... Read more >>
Authentic nougats from Provence in papillotes Logo-AB-EPV
In stock
An authentic and refined organic nougat, 100% artisanal, made by an EPV label confectionery ... a delight!
To be enjoyed with dessert, coffee or to snack on when you're a little hungry, the papillote shape is ideal for sharing with family or friends. Perfect to compose your 13 Christmas desserts!
Choose between soft nougat with vanilla or hazelnut for an incomparable fondant in the mouth and hard nougat with honey and pistachios for those who love crunch.
They will appeal to all gourmets who love honey and sweetness. ... Read more >>
almond coated with organic chocolate like an olive Logo-AB-EPV
In stock
They look like real fruit, but these olives are made with roasted almonds coated with organic chocolate from a rare and natural variety of cocoa beans that are both very aromatic and flavorful.
Crunchy and tender at the same time, they can be nibbled without hunger, for dessert or with coffee.
A delicious and very playful 'trompe l'oeil' specialty : put them on the table at the end of a meal or compose your 13 Christmas desserts.
Made by a creator-confectioner recognized 'Living Heritage Company' (French label), they are available in an eco-responsible box of 150 g... Read more >>
Organic candied oranges coated with 74% dark chocolate Logo-AB-EPV
In stock
These bites are made with organic candied orange peels coated with 74% dark chocolate and cut into small chewable balls.
Organic chocolate comes from a rare and natural variety of cocoa beans that are both very aromatic and tasty.
The recipe is traditional in Provence, we usually eat candied orange in the 13 Christmas desserts.
Made by a creator-confectioner, Living Heritage Company, they are available in an fancy, eco-responsible box of 100 g.
Very greedy little bites of pleasure! ...
Real Marseille Navettes with salted butter caramel Logo EPV
In stock
The artisanal quality of these 'shuttles'  guarantees a very greedy and low calorie tasting like most biscuits of Provence.
They come in two versions : traditional with orange blossom , or less Provencal but just as delicious with salted butter caramel.
Made by a creator-confectioner, with the French label 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' (living heritage company) , they are available in eco-responsible box 150 g.
A very delicious crunchy pleasure! ...

Chocolates and confectionery

All the products presented are made by a Provençal artisanal company since 1880 and labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.
They are produced on demand to ensure optimal freshness. The origin and quality of the ingredients are strictly controlled.

The calissons of Aix en Provence

are awarded a 'Grand Prix of France' and strictly comply with the specifications of the Aix manufacturers, and are composed of 46% candied melon, and almonds and orange peels with icing is fine and delicate.


like 'mendiants', truffles, olives or small grains are made from a rare and organic cocoa bean, of unique origin in the Dominican Republic. It is both very aromatic and very flavorful.

The nougats

are organic and offered with different tones of taste, color and texture. These are authentic and refined nougats composed of first choice nuts and all-flower honey.

Marseille 'Navettes'

are inspired by the Provencal tradition. The artisanal quality guarantees a very gourmet and low-calorie tasting ... Just a crunchy pleasure!

The packaging is eco-responsible ... Good for foodies and for the planet!