Cushion covers

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Decorative pillow or cushion covers of quality made in Provence
square pillow covers white sunflower pattern
$34.68 -25%
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Sunshine in your home with these square pillow covers wearing a sunflower decor in bright tones!
This jacquard woven fabric is of good quality with the advantage of being washable and resistant to ironing.
The zip closure allows easy installation on your cushion.
The cover from the Sunflower collection is ready to brighten up your beds, armchairs, and sofas.
Pillow cover design Roussillon by Marat d'Avignon®
$33.35 -25%
In stock
This decorative pillow cover design Roussillon will be perfect for bringing warmth and refinement to your living room.
Measuring 17.7 x 17.7 inches, it perfectly embodies the timeless elegance of Provence.
An essential accessory for the sofa throw, you will appreciate its traditional pattern evoking the Provencal ‘Indian’ fabrics produced since 1948 by Marat d'Avignon® house.
Cushion cover ecru red
In stock
Throw pillow covers 20x20 from the Auriol collection, pretty reference to Provencal olive trees.
The fabric composed of 60% cotton and polyester is ideal for decorative linen.
The confection is made in Provence, using the Jacquard technique to sublimate the pattern.
This item can feature decorative pillows for couch, bed cushions, bench cushions with a perfect fit.
One more advantage is carefree maintenance for both washing and ironing...
Cushion cover Montespan pink recto
In stock
Square 18x18 pillow cover, polyester and cotton Jacquard woven for a high quality, made in Provence by Marat d'Avignon.
A beautiful outfit product with features made for decoration, and easy maintenance.
The Montespan motif is very romantic and noble at the same time, hence the name of the collection.
To decorate a boudoir of a marquise…
pillow cover Castillon yellow
In stock
18x18 pillow covers made in Provence, in cotton and polyester Jacquard woven with the Castillon pattern.
This beautiful item is designed for decoration, for example, for decorative pillow cases.
It is of very easy maintenance: washing machine and ironing are allowed.
This bouquet of lavender on a very discreet pearl gray or yellow background will be beautiful in your home, contemporary or classic style...
Cushion cover Riviera
In stock
Decorative pillow cases in cotton and polyester jacquard woven, from the Riviera collection, made in Provence.
Size 20 by 20 inches, it is suitable for sofa pillow covers.
With a simple maintenance and a quality confection, this cloth matches with coordinates to invite the French Riviera home...
Couch pillow cover Gordes
In stock
Cushion cover in cotton and polyester, manufactured by a textile factory in Provence.
The jacquard weave highlights the Gordes theme that evokes holidays in Luberon and provides relaxation.
High quality and easy maintenance combined for an item to offer or to afford without complex...
Sofa pillow cover Chanteclair
In stock
Original cushion cover which uses Jacquard weave to magnify these Gallinaceae reflections with Provençal colors.
The ideal composition of cotton (60%) and polyester makes it an article of good quality for decoration and furnishing.
The fabric is easy to maintain: Chanteclair design hens will remain bright for your enjoyment.
The dimensions are those of a square 20 inches wide, a cushion of medium size...
Throw pillow cover Aubrac
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Fabric 18x18 pillow covers made in Provence, Jacquard cotton and polyester woven for a clean hold and a very elaborate texture.
Washing and ironing is easy for this linen of beautiful quality.
The Aubrac pattern is available in two colors to come into your home decoration and bring a touch of Provencal elegance.
You will be captivated by the delicate design of flowers on a background of hearts we guess intertwined...
Cushion cover Garance
On order
Decorative pillow covers, dimensions 20x20 inches, made in Provence by Marat d'Avignon.
A very superior Jacquard weave quality emphasizes the Garance design, made of a dense floral composition and textured background.
The fabric contains 60% of cotton and 40% of polyester for an irreproachable fit, studied for linen of decoration.
It is machine washable and can be ironed...
18x18 cushion covers on line
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Sweetness and romance characterize these 18x18 cushion covers, whether in blue or orange, made of Jacquard woven fabric.
They are part of the lovely Sillans collection of Marat d'Avignon® specializing in Provencal home decoration.
The mix of cotton and polyester allows an impeccable hold with easy maintenance. Two complementary tones are possible with two different sides to create harmonious assortments.
Be sure to check out the other items... Find out the collection Sillans >>
decorative pillow cover, beautiful cushion covers
In stock
Put decorative pillow covers (18x18) in your sofa or armchair cushions and see the difference! This item is made in Provence in a jacquard woven fabric ideal for deco.
It will adorn the cushions that we llike to display everywhere in the house. This beautiful pattern, reminiscent of fields of lavender and olive trees, will immerse your interior in Provençal softness, if you need cushion covers only. ... Read more >>

Cushion covers

Cushion covers or decorative pillow covers in the bedroom or the living room, these decorative items are the jewel of Provencal quality. They are offered in Jacquard woven, cotton blended with polyester for impeccable performance, and maintenance of the simplest. The patterns are varied, to suit all tastes. They are also beautiful gift ideas, combining quality and utility, to offer for a wedding, a housewarming party.

These covers for small or medium decorative cushions are available in 17x17 or 18x18 inches. They are made in Provence by traditional textile manufacturers for superior quality. The composition of the fabric is specially designed for decoration: a mixture of cotton (representing 60%) and polyester. The ease of maintenance is a significant asset, since they are machine washable and can be ironed at a gentle temperature.

Very useful for everyday items! The various lines proposed in this section are taken from traditional Provencal designs, for the most part. The most typical are those of Marat d'Avignon, Provencal house with an old know-how. Other lines appear more contemporary, or inspired by Provence and its subjects. Therefore, you may find floral or indian cushion covers. You will find cushion covers for all tastes to meet your needs. You will love choosing them to decorate your home, to bring a touch of "provencality". Romantic style, classic, seventeenth Century, campaign, or contemporary, color or pastel shades, there is plenty of choice.

Also think of gifts: these sofa cushions are the perfect gift to offer to someone you don’t know well. If you want to please for sure, you must offer a quality piece that your relationship can use easily. Everyone has a sofa or an armchair to decorate, and likes to change the decor. These items are especially interesting as a wedding gift. They are inexpensive, flexible in number and therefore in terms of budget, and with nice assortments possible in case you want to offer a complete set.