Cuisine and terroir from Provence

A couple of bay leaves in a vegetable tian, fennel to flavor the broth of fish, thyme and rosemary to enhance a rabbit stew killed while hunting .... The people of this country know associate savory scents of spices to farm products, hunting or fishing, cattle, game and fish. Not to mention the olive oil, which puts some in every dish to give this incomparable fruity taste. These simple and natural foods are the basis of their diet. No wonder the "Mediterranean diet" is now recognized by medicine as a health benefit, which the Provencal were aware for a long time.

I'll immerse myself here in the kitchen of my grandmother, to tell you if this natural art of preparing delicious meals, the highly scented accents inherited by my mother and passed on from my great-grandmother. Provencal cuisine has been passed from generation to generation. I hope that the evocation of these gestures and these ingredients will share the joys olfactory, visual and taste of this beloved kitchen to my heart.

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