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Daubiere pot made in Vallauris, Provence

This genuine Provencal daubiere pot will preserve all the natural flavor of food. There's no better way to cook healthy! Ideal cookware for baking dishes of meat and vegetables in the oven. It is made on demand in Vallauris by a potter craftsman. The piece of ceramic is stamped. We provide instructions for use... Read more >>
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A handmade production

This earthen daubiere is modeled, cooked, dried and decorated in Vallauris by one of the last potters of Vallauris. The well-known city of ceramics was a place where Picasso loved to make artistic potteries. The whole manufacturing process is done by hand following the ancestral gestures of the potters of yesteryear. It has a very particular shape that requires dexterity and control.
The pottery is first turned and modeled in the clay, then it dries before a first oven cooking to turn solid. Then it is glazed with a brown enamel on the inside and the top of the pot, including the neck, to make it waterproof and prevent water loss. Finally, it’s annealed at around 1000 ° C to fix the finish. It’s a long process that requires patience, especially when the weather comes to hinder the work of the potter: indeed, the drying time depends on the ambient humidity. But if it’s too dry, the pottery is then more brittle and difficult to handle. In other words, the weather plays a very important role in the manufacture of ceramics.

Provencal cooking pot

This is a traditional terracotta container in Provence, antique french cookware used for a long time to cook the famous Provencal daube of which we give you the recipe below. Its shape is designed to contain pieces of meat and vegetables for a stew. The daubiere is wide at its base, like a small casserole, then narrows at the neck to maintain the moist heat of vegetable water. A pierced rim lid is used to collect the marinade to add to the preparation automatically.

Recipe of Provencal daube

Several versions of Provencal stew come from different parts of Provence: there is the daube of Avignon, the daube of Nice and the comtadine daube. Each has variants, but the basic recipe remains the same, and always delicious. Check out our family recipe of the daube on our blog and give your opinion!

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Instructions for use


Before the first use of your culinary pottery, it is recommended to soak it in water all night and let it dry before use.
Then, rub the surface with garlic and let rest for at least 5 hours. After this, you may wash the pottery as usual, and cook in it.
No culinary piece of earthenware can be directly put on fire or flames or any cooktop without being exposed to crackle and even destruction.
It is strongly recommended to put a simmer mat under your pottery which will allow a better heat distribution and a longer life for your pot.
Furthermore, do not put an empty pot on a cooking fire. Also, never cool the pottery suddenly after taking out of fire, never take a dish out of the freezer and put in the oven straight away. It could produce a dramatic thermal shock and considerably alter your pottery.
Thanks to these advises, you will discover again the basic taste of your recipes in this natural earthenware, and enjoy the pleasure of good cuisine.
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10/10 - rating
I love my daubiere!

I am the happy new owner of a daubière from Vallauris France thanks to Marie-Helene and Remember Provence. It was made upon order, and Marie-Helene was wonderful about keeping me "in the loop" through its production. It arrived in perfect shape along with careful instructions as to how to prepare it for its first use. I followed the instructions, made my first Daube, and am absolutely delighted with the results. Thanks so much "Remember Provence"!


And thanks to the potter overall... Congratulations to the cook! We wish you will make many many delicious daubes during a lifetime in the daubiere...

10/10 - rating
Very Pleased

Finding a good quality daubiere is hard in the US. Very pleased with this authentic product from the homeland.


Indeed, our Provencal daubiere is quite unique and exclusive! It's even hard to find genuine daubiere in France too.


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