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floral ceramic plates
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Use these 13 inch dinner plates as presentation plates to slip under your standard dinner plates, or large plates.
These adorable floral ceramic plates are part of the rustic collection Grasse, and are handcrafted in Vallauris.
A signature of the potter authenticates their origin.
They’re also practicle because compatible with a traditional oven or microwave.
They’ll surely brighten up your tables with happiness and a touch of poetry. ... Read more >>
6 setting dinner set
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This 6 setting dinner set with poppy pattern is frankly lovely and refreshing!
It’s part of the Grasse table collection, a nod to the beautiful flowers of our Cote d´Azur.
This earthenware crockery is made in an artisanal way and painted by hand, with the potter's stamp applied to the back.
This piece is a dinner plate, 25 cm in diameter, for the main course.
Compatible with all ovens and dishwashers for worry-free daily use. From 6 units. ... Read more >>
Chic fruit bowl or salad bowl Grasse
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Choose the size of your Vallauris chic fruit bowl and place it at the table to change your daily life.
The Grasse decor and its poetic flowers in poppy red are ideal for a cheerful and light atmosphere.
The smaller model is suitable as a salad bowl for large salads.
The coordinated crockery of this pretty tableware set is available in many shapes and sizes.
Adopt it for the beauty of Provencal pottery! ... Read more >>
rustic plate set
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Adopt these cute dessert plates every day in the colors of the Provencal summer fields from which it borrows the red flowers.
It’s made and painted by hand in a Vallauris workshop, and is part of the delicious Grasse collection.
Simple in shape for easy use, it’s compatible with ovens and dishwashers.
The pattern of this crockery set with stylized poppies is really poetical. ... Read more >>
extra large fruit bowl
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Let yourself be seduced by this extra large fruit bowl for big salads, or family pasta dishes.
This earthenware of Vallauris is signed by the potter who shaped and decorated it by hand in his workshop.
The Grasse decor brings a unique and charming country touch to brighten up everyday crockery.
The salad bowl is dishwasher and oven safe. This is Provencal quality at your service!
...
handmade pie plate
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Adopt this handmade pie plate or a round cake plate, to nicely present you aperitif bites or desserts. 
It's ultra-practical!
It's made in genuine Vallauris earthenware signed and entirely decorated by hand.
The attractive Grasse decor, both rustic and poetic, is available in a whole tableware set.
You will find the matching small plates to compose your assortment. ... Read more >>
Round oven dish with puppies pattern
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At last, a nice round oven dish that can also be placed at the table without complex!
It is available in two sizes for small or large families.
This dish has two handles and is also compatible with the use of a dishwasher.
It’s entirely handcrafted in authentic Vallauris earthenware and signed. It’s decorated with the Grasse pattern.
This pottery dishware is rustic and invites you to dream. Something to change your daily life! ... Read more >>
best fruit bowl for kitchen counter
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Fall for this rustic fruit bowl with wavy edges and its adorable decoration with red flowers!
It is perfect for presenting your fruits and vegetables in the center of the table, and also for your salads.
This Vallauris earthenware is signed, and made entirely by hand, modeling and decoration.
A craftsmanship in the service of everyday life, bringing poetry to your meals.
You’ll love this ceramic fruit bowl for life! ... Read more >>
Rustic salad plates with puppy decor
In stock
You will fall in love with these rustic salad plates from the Grasse collection, both traditional and unique.
This pattern with red flowers is cute and unusual, on a very pastel cream background.
In the hollow plate shape, for a salad plate, pasta plate or a soup plate, it will be yours from 6 units to create an original artisanal tableware set from Vallauris.
Each plate is signed by the potter to authenticate its origin, and compatible with dishwasher and ovens. ... Read more >>
floral plate set
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Lovely, these hand painted ceramic plates, in real Vallauris earthenware, aren’t they?
They’re handcrafted in a traditional workshop, and are signed on the back to authenticate the provenance.
They’re ready to serve as individual bread plates, or as appetizer dishes for olives or peanuts.
This floral plate set will surely brighten up your dinners and parties, unless you want to offer it as an inexpensive, though unique wedding gift? ... Read more >>