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70 inch round tablecloth Bastide, Marat d'Avignon
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70 inch round tablecloth in 100% cotton or coated cotton, with beautiful print Bastide by Marat d'Avignon. It is made in Provence with the utmost care for a perfect fit and superior fabric quality. It is available in three colors: lavender (embellished with yellow), red, and turquoise. Accessories are available to complete your table decoration... Read more >>
Aprons with pockets, Bastide, Marat d'Avignon lavender
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Kitchen aprons with pockets, 100% cotton, and machine washable. The Bastide print by Marat d'Avignon® is available in 4 colors: lavender (embellished with yellow), navy blue, red and turquoise. It is made in Provence with a high quality fabric and finishes. An adjustable sliding system and extra long waist straps allow adaptation to all sizes... Read more >>
Bastide quilted placemats, Marat d'Avignon navy blue
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Table placemats, set of 6, in quilted fabric 100% cotton manufactured by Marat d'Avignon in Provence. They are available in two colors of the very beautiful Bastide print: lavender or marine blue. These placemats of 18 x 12 inches dimensions are machine washable with ironing possible. Outstanding quality for your table every day! ... Read more >>
Bread basket Bastide printed fabric blue navy
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Square shaped fabric basket for table service, or to use as a storage case. The provençal Bastide print of Marat d'Avignon is a 100% high quality cotton fabric. It is easy to maintain. Two colors are available: lavender blue with yellow, and navy blue on a white background. You may divert this object from its obvious use to make a nice storage box everywhere at home... Read more >>
Dining room table cloth, rectangular, Bastide by Marat
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Dining room table cloth of rectangular shape from the Bastide collection edited by Marat d'Avignon®, and manufactured in Provence. Several options are available to you: 100% cotton or anti-stain cotton fabric, 4 lengths for a width of 61 inches, and 4 nice colors, possibly framed. It is a high quality table linen, machine washable... Read more >>
Double oven mitt, Bastide print, Marat d'Avignon lavender 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Double oven mitt, sold in pairs in unique size, quilted cotton with insulated lining, machine washable. They are covered with the Bastide print by Marat d'Avignon, in lavender or navy blue, made in Provence. These accessories are matched with the beautiful Bastide table collection, very traditional in the region... Read more >>
makeup bag
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This make-up bag is made in Provence from the marvelous Bastide print of Marat d'Avignon® collection. You may use it as a toiletry bag. The fabric is padded and protected by an inner plastic lining, with a large storage, and an external pocket closed with snap fastener. 4 colors and 3 sizes to adapt to each need : find yours! ... Read more >>
napkins, Bastide, Marat d'Avignon navy blue
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Navy blue napkins sold in packs of 6, or 3 other colors available from printed Bastide by Marat d’Avignon®, made in Provence. There are two ways to match your tablecloth: choose the stripe or allover pattern. Of 18 inches side, the towels are made of 100% cotton, and machine washable... Read more >>
Quilted fabric toilet bag
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A quilted fabric toilet bag from the Marat d'Avignon® Bastide collection, elegant Provençal print! With advantageous dimensions, it’s equally suitable for storing toiletries and as like extra luggage on a travel. Two sizes and four colors are the proposed variations, for every need. Probably a smart woman gift idea?... Read more >>
Stain resistant tablecloth Bastide bordure, Marat d'Avignon
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Stain resistant tablecloth of square shape (61 x 61 inches) in 100% printed cotton Bastide of Marat d'Avignon. This is a very beautiful confection made in Provence. Four colors are available: navy, lavender, red, and turquoise. A very simple maintenance, and an irreproachable quality for a very traditional Provencal tablecloth!... Read more >>
Tablecloth for square table Bastide, Marat d'Avignon
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Tablecloth for square table, 60 inches wide, 100% cotton, from the magnificent Bastide collection with a framed pattern, by Marat d'Avignon®. It is made in Provence and machine washable. Four colors are available for this top-of-the-range print of very nice outfit: the lavender color with some touches of yellow, navy and white, red, and turquoise... Read more >>