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easter cloth napkins in jacquard woven fabric from provencal brand Marat d'avignon
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Here are all cotton dinner napkins set matching the Jacquard tablecloth of a lovely collection by Marat d'Avignon®.
They are available in two colors proposed for all Cassis items: yellow / red or turquoise. The dimensions are large enough: 19.5 in per side, and are suitable for the standards of fine reception linen.
Their beautiful framed pattern of cashmere will look great on your table. ... Read more >>
turquoise kitchen towels in Jacquard cotton 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Need beautiful cotton tea towels? Try this set from the Cassis collection that designed in jacquard woven to bring out cheerful colors.
A large cashmere pattern framed by friezes makes them elegant. Sold by 3 in 100% cotton fabric, this set shows turquoise kitchen towels or red and yellow ones.
They will be essential for kitchen or table use, or to coordinate with a Cassis tablecloth.
They are among best seller dish towels. ... Read more >>
turquoise linen tablecloth in Jacquard fabric and teflon coating
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Look no further for the rectangle shaped tablecloth ideal for all occasions!
The Cassis one is made of Jacquard woven fabric with TEFLON Dupont® anti-stain coating, and it’s part of the Provençal brand Marat d'Avignon®.
Bright colors
highlight splendid patterns. It’s 63 inches wide and proposed with 4 lengths.
The perfect combination of tradition and modernity for Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. ... Read more >>
laminated fabric tablecloth in orange jacquard woven
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You’ll certainly love this laminated fabric tablecloth made by Marat d'Avignon®.
The made in France quality is there: the Jacquard woven is 100% cotton, coated with Teflon Dupont® on one side to prevent stains. Large cashmere patterns attract light with their relief, and the colors are vibrant.
Among spring tablecloths, this one is perfect for all festive occasions... Read more >>
turquoise table runner
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You’ll love this turquoise table runner with spring colors and large cashmere patterns discreetly drawn in jacquard.
It’s part of the Cassis collection by Marat d'Avignon®, and it’s made in France for impeccable quality. The red / yellow color is also available according to your tastes and your interior. It’s 63 inches long.
A very beautiful runner for your table deco or to offer! ... Read more >>