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traditional Marseille soaps with organic olive oil
This batch consists of two 72% oil traditional Marseille soaps, in cubes of 300 g, for body hygiene (green cube) or laundry (white cube.)
They are crafted in Provence with organic olive oil produced in Provence, which isn't usual anymore. They are entirely vegetable.
The Marseille soap is highly recommended for impeccable antiseptic hygiene without skin damage, and it’s biodegradable and good for the planet. ... Read more >>

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Real Marseille soap

These traditional Marseille soaps are handcrafted. Their making respects the ancient saponification processes: they are composed of 100% vegetable and natural ingredients, and contains 72% oil as required by the ancestral recipe. These ones contain organic olive oil from Provence, which is rare even among the master soap makers! You may choose 2 green cubes, 2 white cubes or mix both in your set.

Perfect gentle hygiene

Pure olive oil Marseille soap is very soft and protective for the epidermis, and is even suitable for the most fragile skin.

Dermatologists often recommend it for people with sensitive skin. When you wash with genuine Marseille soap, its naturally detergent properties give a feeling of healthy skin without tightness or dryness. On the contrary, the protective olive oil brings an incomparable softness.

It’s ideal for the whole family in personal hygiene because it has no harmful effect. But above all, it’s recognized more effective than chemical soap because it blocks bacteria, viruses and other miasmas (health professionals say so). You can use Marseille soap with olive oil for facial, hand or body hygiene, detergents, or as a stain remover, or even as toothpaste ... You can clean everything with this legendary cube!

Here are some usage examples:

ü Shower and bath (including personal hygiene)

ü Brushing teeth (slight salty taste not unpleasant at all)

ü Detaching linen or upholstery by rubbing the stain directly (leave on for 15 minutes and rinse)

ü Washing small linen by hand, like the washerwomen of Provence in the past, in particular the delicate linen (silk, wool)

ü Cleaner for all household utensils, combs and brushes, tools etc…

ü Animal wash as a solid shampoo, etc…

The ancients said that a cube of Marseille soap under the bed relieves rheumatism!

Shape and composition

The 300g cube is both economical and practical, easier to handle than the 600g cube.

It also allows long-term use. It’s biodegradable, harmless to the environment. You may cut it with a knife on a cutting board for use on a case-by-case basis.

Unlike mass retail soaps, this olive oil soap contains no chemicals or added detergents that attack the skin. It’s paraben free.

Ingredients: Sodium olivate, sodium palmate, aqua, sodium palm kernelate or sodium cocoate, grycerin, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.

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