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beautiful fruit bowls
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Use one of these beautiful fruit bowls to serve your desserts and fruits, or to keep them handy in the kitchen.
These decorative salad bowls with wavy edges are entirely handcrafted in the pottery city of Vallauris, and signed.
You can choose from several background colors and patterns according to your preferences.
The Provence table collection adapts to your taste, for easy everyday use.
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ceramic side plates
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Choose the color of the background and the patterns of these ceramic side plates and compose a colorful dinnnerware set with speckled dinner plates.
As a bread plate, or for aperitif service, they can also decorate your table with candies, mini-bouquets or hold your candles.
Ultra-practical, these Provence decor plates are handcrafted in Vallauris, with an authentic signature on the back.
Here is a beautiful, inexpensive and unique gift idea. ... Read more >>
Dessert table plates
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Look no further for pretty, practical dessert table plates that are dishwasher and microwave safe.
This Provence model is at the same time beautifully made, functional and adaptable to your taste.
The motif is available in traditional colors (blue, yellow or deep green), or a cream background with more modern lavender or turquoise patterns.
The chic of the Provence collection is perfect for everyday tableware, to use outdoors or in your country house. ... Read more >>
French pottery plates
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These French pottery plates are practical with a simple, traditional shape.
They are handcrafted in Vallauris, capital of pottery on the Riviera, and signed by the potter.
With a diameter of 25 cm, they’re ideal for the main course (french standard).
The aptly named Provence model is available in several pastel or deep colors and patterns to let you personalize your daily tableware.
Available from 6 units. ...
ceramic oven dish ecru lavender
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Bring this ceramic oven dish straight to the table when baking is done.
Its handmade and the customizable decor is typically Provencal.
It’s handcrafted in Vallauris and bears the original signature.
It’s available in 2 sizes for small or large quantities. In blue, yellow, green or ivory background, you will easily find the speckled ceramic dinnerware that suits your taste.
Moreover, the Provence tableware set allows multiple combinations. ... Read more >>
nice salad bowls round blue
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You’ll love these nice deep salad bowls with the Provence pattern to use on a daily basis!
The pottery is handcrafted in Vallauris, and is compatible with the oven and the dishwasher.
Choose your background and pattern colors among the pretty Provencal colors available.
Two diameters exist for different capacities.
Thanks to this glazed earthenware your meals will be cheerful and convivial. ... Read more >>
oven safe dish
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This oven safe dish is entirely artisanal and comes from Vallauris, the historic capital of pottery.
It’s available in several background colors and for certain colors, you will also have the choice of patterns.
The Provence custom pottery dishware adapts to your taste to set pretty tables every day.
Also dishwasher resistant, this enamelled earthenware is very simple and so pleasant!
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Speckled ceramic dinnerware plates
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You have the choice of color for this speckled, very flat presentation plate in signed Vallauris faience.
The Provence collection allows 4 different backgrounds, from strong Provençal colors to light cream, which can be declined in several colors of calissons.
These large flat plates are compatible with the oven, and have several uses as a serving dish, or a pie dish for example.
Which variation is your favorite? ...
Spotty and colorful dinner set
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Among all the variations of this spotty dinner set, available from 6, you’ll surely find the best soup plate set.
This traditional Provencal ceramic allows interesting color schemes in bright or pastel colors.
These plates, like all models in the Provence collection, are handmade in Vallauris and signed by the craftsman.
Simple in shape, they are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.
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