A pretty table linens - Lauris collection is full of freshness!

Among pretty table linens, the prize of Provençal symbols will go to the Lauris collection.
You will find a floral, spring tablecloth that mixes lavender and olive tree patterns on a light background and neutral enough to bring out the perfect combination of colors.
Decorate your dining room, kitchen or terrace table with a Lauris set and you will bathe in freshness.
Delightful deco with all the practical advantages : cotton or coated fabric of superb quality!
70 round tablecloth for kitchen table in yellow
In stock
Stop looking for the perfect 70 round tablecloth: this item from the Lauris collection is ideal for dressing your table.
Both discreet and fresh, in gray or yellow, lavender and olive green tones, this print is reminiscent of the sweet and bright Provencal countryside.
It’s available in 100% cotton or coated cotton to wipe stains out more easily.
This pretty tablecloth will make of your parties or your daily life a trip to Provence! ... Read more >>
best cloth fabric napkins for kitchen
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Find yourself in Provence, with this Lauris fabric napkins set with a lovely framed floral pattern!
They match the tablecloths from the same collection but can also be purchased independently.
The best cloth napkins are made of a fine quality cotton that can be washed and ironed for a long time without altering the colors of the print.
In addition, buying sustainable is good for the planet. No excuse for not having fun for your everyday table. ... Read more >>
patterned round tablecloth for 48 round table
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Among patterned rounds tablecloths, this ideal tablelinen item is actually square in shape with a very nice placed round pattern.
The set of lavender bouquets, olive branches and Provençal dots is lovely and discreet on a light color background.
You’ll enjoy it for a long time, because this print brings a very pleasant freshness on the table of everyday life.
The fabric is made of cotton or coated cotton, as the Lauris collection includes the practical aspect. ... Read more >>
fabric rectangle tablecloth pastel 60 x 120
In stock
Set this Provencal fabric rectangle tablecloth on your table and enjoy its freshness every day.
It’s both discreet in light tones, and flattering with a frieze of lavender bouquets centered on olive branches: an ode to the Provencal countryside!
It’s available in 4 sizes. The coating is optional to allow a stain-resistant solution, very practical for maintenance.
Make your choice! ...