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french blue kitchen towels jacquard fabric 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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These French kitchen towels made by Marat d'Avignon® offer a pretty jacquard woven pattern with elegance and quality.
The framed design is both floral and dotted with Provencal ‘mouches’ (flies). The dimensions are standard and the cotton is absorbent, easy to maintain.
If you like beautiful table compositions, you’ll use these tea towels with a Massilia tablecloth and matching napkins during a party, because it would be a shame to hide them. ...
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luxury table runner red christmas
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This luxury table runner was created and made in Provence by the traditional house Marat d'Avignon®.
The framed floral design is enhanced by the relief of the jacquard weaving.
Available in red or blue, the dimensions are ideal for a rectangular living room or dining room table.
You can match it with refined items from the Massilia collection which delights the lovers of beautiful table linen. ...
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holiday red cloth napkins cotton
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These red (or blue) cotton cloth napkins with jacquard motif are ideal for Christmas, for example, and for all festive tables.
Massilia is a Provencal creation from Marat d'Avignon®, a textile house of quality and tradition.
If you want to coordinate tablecloth and napkin, you can pick from the collection: linear tablecloths are available in different sizes and shapes. You’ll also find matching table runner and jacquard tea towels to make an elegant table dressing. ...
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Teflon red tablecloth
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You’ll love this Teflon red tablecloth from the Massilia collection by Marat d'Avignon®.
It’s 63 in. wide for 4 possible lengths. This model showcases the invigorating colors of Provence which highlight traditional patterns of ‘mouches’ and complex floral friezes. The Jacquard woven is coated for easy maintenance.
A beautiful tablecloth for celebrations! ...
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coated blue woven cotton tablecloth
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This square woven cotton tablecloth is ideal for parties: the superb framed pattern was created by Marat d'Avignon®, sublimated by Provencal colors.
The Teflon coating keeps your tablecloth clean with no stains, even for daily use.
Accessories from the Massilia collection are available to complete a refined, quality Christmas table linen made in France. ...
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