Large tablecloths

Dress your table elegantly. Large choice of colors and patterns, printed or Jacquard, with or without coating. Suitable for large rectangular or oval tables.
Some available in 118 in, others in 138 cm, most are treated anti stain for easy maintenance. You'll have the choice from many colors. All are machine washable and made of majority cotton for a Jacquard tablecloth or 100% cotton for prints. Choose the pattern as you like.
These items are high in the colors of our beloved region with cotton fabrics and Jacquard woven (tablecloths cotton and polyester) of very beautiful work. Whether you are looking for a Christmas tablecloth, a country tablecloth, or a multicolored tablecloth, our catalog of rectangular tablecloths displays what you need. You will also have the possibility of an anti-stain protective coating that spaces the laundry duty.
Provencal cotton tablecloths will always bring you simplicity of maintenance and elegance, in color or in discrete tones.
In addition, the essential accessories coordinate with the fabric you choose. Among the printed cottons, napkins, bread baskets and placemats are presented as accessories in each page product.
Don't miss the assortment opportunities by reading all the tips we give for each item.

Colorful tablecloths, cotton printed Calissons in scene yellow 2
In stock
Colorful tablecloths 59 inches wide for rectangular table, with optional acrylic treatment from the printed Calissons collection. It is 100% cotton machine washable, extremely simple and made in Provence. A small or large tablecloth with 4 possible lengths, for all uses. Charming Calissons!... Read more >>
Decor linen jacquard tablecloth Luberon
In stock
Designed as decor linen item, this beige tablecloth with an olive and lavender pattern is available in 2 lengths.
It’s made of jacquard woven fabric created in Provence.
This cloth can be used on a rectangular table or as a sofa throw, for example.
It belongs to the well-named Luberon collection, and evokes the Provencal landscapes so popular with tourists. ... Read more >>
Dining room table cloth, rectangular and striped, Bastide by Marat
In stock
Dining room table cloth of rectangular shape from the Bastide collection edited by Marat d'Avignon®, and manufactured in Provence.
Several options are available to you: 100% cotton or anti-stain cotton fabric, 5 lengths for a width of 61 inches, and 5 nice colors, possibly framed.
It is a high quality table linen, machine washable... Read more >>
Dining table cloth, Avignon allover by Marat d’Avignon blue
In stock
Dining table cloth, rectangular shape with anti-stain treatement from the beautiful Avignon collection in allover, edited and manufactured in Provence by Marat d'Avignon®. Wide of 61 inches, it is declined in 5 lengths as well as 5 colors. It is made in a beautiful 100% cotton coated fabric, also available without treatment. A pure delight!... Read more >>
Dining table cloth, Avignon stripe by Marat d’Avignon red
In stock
Dining table cloth, rectangular shape with stripe and anti-stain treatement from the beautiful Avignon collection, edited and manufactured in Provence by Marat d'Avignon®. Wide of 61 inches, it is declined in 5 lengths as well as 5 colors. It is made in a beautiful 100% cotton coated fabric, also available without treatment. A pure delight!... Read more >>
Floral rectangle tablecloth, Coquelicots Lavandes white
In stock
Floral rectangle tablecloth, 100% cotton with acrylic coating, 5 lengths for a 61 inches width, also available without coating. It is made in Provence in the print Coquelicots Lavandes with 4 colors more cheerful than the others. It is a beautiful tablecloth for daily use at the kitchen or outside... Read more >>
French country tablecloth color green, Citron print
In stock
French country tablecloth, rectangular, from the Citron collection, made in Provence, 100% cotton or anti-stain coated cotton. With a width of 61 inches, it comes in 5 sizes of length and the fabric is available in 2 very Provencal colors. Accessories and matching items are also available to compose a nice outdoor fabric table service... Read more >>
French tablecloths anti stain Jacquard Durance, Marat d'Avignon blue
In stock
French tablecloths from the beautiful Jacquard Durance by Marat d'Avignon®. They are available in cotton and polyester with Dupont Teflon coating as anti-stain treatment, machine washable. The fabric exists in 7 colors and 63 inches wide, with 4 possible dimensions. It is top of the range item, with a quality guaranteed « made in Provence »... Read more >>
turquoise linen tablecloth in Jacquard fabric and teflon coating
In stock
Look no further for the rectangle shaped tablecloth ideal for all occasions!
The Cassis one is made of Jacquard woven fabric with TEFLON Dupont® anti-stain coating, and it’s part of the Provençal brand Marat d'Avignon®.
Bright colors
highlight splendid patterns. It’s 63 inches wide and proposed with 4 lengths.
The perfect combination of tradition and modernity for Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. ... Read more >>
jacquard woven tablecloth
In stock
This rectangular jacquard woven tablecloth is made in Provence with cotton and polyester for a beautiful outfit and decoration purpose.
A framed pattern, a large frieze of lavender bouquets and a neutral color on the table top are very attractive.
It’s available in 2 sizes, in linen or yellow, and will provide your interior with softness and harmony. ...
Find out the collection Castillon >>
Outdoor tablecloths rectangular, Cigales print in scene
$75.37 -35%
Out of stock
Large Outdoor tablecloths rectangular, 61x138 inches, made in Provence in a printed 100% cotton with Cigales pattern in unique color, washable.
A tablecloth in simplicity, very summery and sunny, and above all of French quality... Read more >>
large rectangular tablecloth
In stock
This large rectangular tablecloth (for the longest length) concentrates all the useful advantages of a tablecloth.
A bright or neutral background, with 5 possible colors, and a motif of central olive branches recalled in the frame makes a simple but very aesthetic design.
The 100% cotton fabric is also available with anti-stain coating.
Compose your Nyons table set with matching napkins for everyday life or for parties. ... Read more >>