French ceramic cookware

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Authentic Ceramic Provence Cookware Handmade in Vallauris - France
Daubiere pot made in Vallauris, Provence
$129.95 -25%
In stock
This genuine Provencal daubiere pot will preserve all the natural flavor of food.
There's no better way to cook healthy!
Ideal cookware for baking dishes of meat and vegetables in the oven.
It is made on demand in Vallauris by a potter craftsman.
The piece of ceramic is stamped. We provide instructions for use...
Casserole dish with lid
$103.20 -25%
In stock
This casserole dish with lid is oven proof for baking good dishes.
If you are aware about the criteria of non-toxic components, culinary pottery Vallauris is made for you!
You will cook healthy, and without burning your ingredients through a gentle heat.
In addition, it’s so beautiful, decorated or not, and available in 3 sizes...
ceramic oven dish ecru lavender
$27.23 -25%
In Stock
Bring this ceramic oven dish straight to the table when baking is done.
Its handmade and the customizable decor is typically Provencal.
It’s handcrafted in Vallauris and bears the original signature.
It’s available in 2 sizes for small or large quantities. In blue, yellow, green or ivory background, you will easily find the speckled ceramic dinnerware that suits your taste.
Moreover, the Provence tableware set allows multiple combinations. ... Read more >>
large and deep baking dish
$27.23 -25%
In Stock
Ultra-practical and beautiful to look at, this round deep baking dish is made in Vallauris in a traditional pottery workshop.
The Cavaillon decor in Provencal colors will brighten up your meals with sun.
Available in 2 sizes, it’s compatible with all ovens and dishwashers to make your life easier.
It comes from an earthenware set including a whole range of table utensils.
Discover the Cavaillon tableware set, a must have! ... Read more >>
Round oven dish with puppies pattern
$27.23 -25%
In Stock
At last, a nice round oven dish that can also be placed at the table without complex!
It is available in two sizes for small or large families.
This dish has two handles and is also compatible with the use of a dishwasher.
It’s entirely handcrafted in authentic Vallauris earthenware and signed. It’s decorated with the Grasse pattern.
This pottery dishware is rustic and invites you to dream. Something to change your daily life! ... Read more >>
clay baking and serving dish
$27.23 -25%
In Stock
This clay baking dish has the roundness of Provencal potteries.
Made in genuine Vallauris earthenware, signed, it comes from the Porquerolles dinnerware set, on off-white background with azure blue decor.
You can buy it on its own or pair it with the tableware from this beautiful collection, both refined and simple in shape.
Two sizes are available to suit the needs of your meals.
This ceramic is compatible with all ovens and dishwashers. ... Read more >>
ceramic saucepan with lid
$71.57 -25%
On order
It’s a large ceramic saucepan with pour spout handmade to order by a potter from Vallauris.
It’s an all round, typical Provencal shape.
This large saucepan can be provided with an optional lid.
Sgraffito decor on the base is available on request. The pot is stamped...
round baking dish
$43.00 -25%
In stock
This round baking dish is made on request by a potter from Vallauris who perpetuates the city's traditional pottery.
Two dimensions are possible.
The round shape is typically Provencal, and the base of the dish can be decorated according to the sgraffite technique, like a ceramic engraving.
The pottery is stamped.
Cook healthy and prepare delicious gratins...
Large terracotta skillet
$63.07 -25%
On order
This large skillet in terracotta from Vallauris is handcrafted and stamped.
The potter can decorate (sgraffito) the unglazed base on request.
Thanks to non-toxic components, you’ll cook healthy.
It will help you prepare your dishes by oven baking for a mellow and incomparable taste.
Perfect for low heat cooking.
Available in 3 sizes, it is Microwave and dishwasher compatible...
Tian dish for oven baking
$83.13 -25%
On order
This Provencal tian dish is handmade in Vallauris, in traditional culinary pottery according to ancestral methods.
It will allow you to cook easily and healthy delicious vegetables dishes, baked in a glazed terracotta dish.
Sgraffito decor is possible on option (see photo).
The ceramic is made on order, stamped, and supplied with instructions...
Large cooking skillet pan with lid
$74.53 -25%
On order
Handmade in Vallauris, this large skillet with lid, said « toupin », is a traditional cooking pot in Provence.
It will be manufactured on order, with a (sgraffito) decoration possible on the unglazed base.
It’s perfect for healthy cooking in the oven or simmered by keeping the ingredients with juice, without drying.
Sold with instructions for use, and stamped...
Salad serving bowl
$20.07 -25%
On order
Salad serving bowl, made of culinary pottery following the tradition of Vallauris.
The ceramic is resistant to oven and microwave.
It declines in 5 different sizes to have stackable salad servers with possible decoration on the bottom (see photo) to serve your dishes at the table with a touch of fantasy...

French ceramic cookware

To equip you with durable and healthy cookware, nothing beats Provencal pottery.

Fully compatible with food standards, these terracotta containers will restore your dishes the original flavor of the ingredients to the delight of the taste buds. These unique ceramics are made on request in Vallauris, pottery town of the Cote d'Azur, by one of the last artisans respectful of tradition.

The particular shapes are rigorously reproduced according to the ancestral models transmitted from previous generations.

The flagship article is the daubiere, in which we prepared the Provencal stew. There is also the "high skillet", sometimes said "toupin" and the tian with multiple uses. And of course ceramic casseroles of different sizes for roasts, ratatouille, poultry and other pots au feu...

These potteries are rounded, generous and beautiful in their rustic simplicity. But above all, they allow you to cook good stews by keeping the water naturally contained in the food. Food stays moist, keeping its taste individually, while mixing flavors subtly.

The result has nothing comparable!