Enjoy our kitchen textiles of the best quality made in Provence !
Tea towel kitchen, Jacquard pattern Vignoble 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Tea towels of kitchen, sold by set of 3, to use as hand towels or to wipe dishes. They are made in Provence, in beautiful cotton fabric (100%) Jacquard woven. They are of 20 x 28 inches dimensions, and machine washable. The Vignoble (vineyard) motif, dedicated to the great wines, plays on the castle decoration, and refinement. Linen and burgundy tones and grape leaves recall the connoisseurs' theme... Read more >>
french red kitchen towels for christmas 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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These French kitchen towels made by Marat d'Avignon® offer a pretty jacquard woven pattern with elegance and quality.
The framed design is both floral and dotted with Provencal ‘mouches’ (flies). The dimensions are standard and the cotton is absorbent, easy to maintain.
If you like beautiful table compositions, you’ll use these tea towels with a Massilia tablecloth and matching napkins during a party, because it would be a shame to hide them. ...
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Vinegar maker jar handmade in pottery of Vallauris, Provence
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To make homemade vinegar, this sandstone vinegar jar is the appropriate utensil: it’s a handmade pottery according to the tradition. 9 colors are available to your choice to harmonize with your home deco. It has a capacity of 3 liters or 5 liters, it’s supplied with stopper tap and a small plate. It will seduce you also as a Provencal kitchen decoration... Read more >>
Tea towel woven Jacquard, decor Sardine 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
Tea towel Jacquard woven with Sardine decor, 20 x 28 inches, sold in sets of 3. Made in Provence, 100% cotton, this beautiful woven Jacquard features the famous Mediterranean sardines. Machine washable, these high quality kitchen towels will be essential to the kitchen and could even accompany table service with humour... Read more >>
Kitchen hand towels (x2), embroidery Huile d’olive 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Kitchen hand towels 100% terry cotton.  The highly absorbent, dense fabric is very soft to the touch. Sold in sets of two, available in 2 colors, and machine washable. The Huile d’olive embroidery decor rather dedicates this set to the kitchen decoration. Umbrella-shaped, this round fabric, 28 inches in diameter, hangs by a central fastener to drop the decorated side in a visible way... Read more >>
Oven gloves, printed cotton Citron blue 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Oven gloves in quilted cotton printed Citron, with grip, machine washable. They are sold in unique size by pairs. You will love the fabric of good quality, their fruity pattern, their vitamin colors: choice of blue or green. To please yourself or to match your Citron table linen. They are made in Provence... Read more >>
Tian dish for oven baking in terracotta CLEARANCE
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This Provencal tian dish is handmade in Vallauris, in traditional culinary pottery according to ancestral methods. It will allow you to cook easily and healthy delicious vegetables dishes, baked in a glazed terracotta dish. Sgraffito decor give elegance and fantasy. The ceramic is made stamped and supplied with instructions... Read more >>
Terracotta skillet handmade from Vallauris CLEARANCE
$22.55 -35%
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This large skillet in terracotta from Vallauris is handcrafted and stamped. Thanks to non-toxic components, you’ll cook healthy. It will help you prepare your dishes by oven baking for a mellow and incomparable taste. Perfect for low heat cooking. Microwave and dishwasher compatible... Read more >>
Red Casserole dish with lid made in Vallauris CLEARANCE
$70.47 -35%
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This casserole dish with lid is oven proof for baking good dishes. If you are aware about the criteria of non-toxic components, culinary pottery Vallauris is made for you! You will cook healthy, and without burning your ingredients through a gentle heat. In addition, it’s so beautiful,... Read more >>
kitchen hand towel jacquard lavender 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Kitchen hand towels sold by 3 units, made in France in the provencal region, 100% cotton Jacquard woven with the very pretty Lavande pattern. It has standard dimensions of 20 by 28 inches. It is machine washable. The very bright colors and cheerful borders remind Provence in summer. Bring a sunny ambiance in your kitchen... Read more >>
Bouquet de lavande pot holders 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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This pot holder set is designed to be combined with Bouquet de lavandes kitchen gloves for all cooks who prefer a more agile grip.
They will protect your hands and will bring an air of Provence to your kitchen, in tune with the colors of Provence...
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Double oven mitt, Bastide print, Marat d'Avignon lavender 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
$23.40 - $7.78
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Double oven mitt, sold in pairs in unique size, quilted cotton with insulated lining, machine washable. They are covered with the Bastide print by Marat d'Avignon, available in 5 colors, made in Provence. These accessories are matched with the beautiful Bastide table collection, very traditional in the region... Read more >>


Provençal fabrics are particularly suited to the needs of the kitchen textiles, thanks to the practical aspects of cotton in its various forms, and gay colors. In printed canvas, it fulfills the functions of protection of the cook. For example, quilted cotton can take the shape of gloves to take the dishes out of the oven. The kitchen aprons can also be woven Jacquard for a very elegant presentation. Dish towels come in two ways. The quality of the Jacquard woven tea towels is so beautiful that you can take them to the table. The honeycomb cloths decorated with embroidery, put fantasy in the kitchen daily. Hand towels, meanwhile, harmonize with the previous ones to create decorative sets, with a terry of high quality.

A large selection of kitchen linen, essential and studied to satisfy you, is offered in these pages. Our most beautiful collections are represented. The colors are singing, the decorations typical, or in reference to the terroir of Provence. Some items are sold in batches for obvious practical reasons. Choose your favorite patterns to cook while staying clean and safe.