Ceramic boxes

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Ceramic box ideas among unique and beautiful jewelry boxes
elegant jewelry box handmade in French pottery of Moustiers Logo EPV
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An elegant jewelry box or a candy box? It does not matter because this lovely deco item is ultra-romantic, and will please a lady for sure. It’s manufactured by an old Moustiers workshop recognized by the French « EPV » label. This box can take 5 hand-painted decorations according to your choice. Which one do you prefer? ... Read more >>
Moustiers pottery decorative box Logo EPV
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This Moustiers pottery decorative box is just irresistible ! It’s handmade by a traditional manufacture of Moustiers. This adorable tin glazed earthenware case, in the shape of a heart, is to be placed on a coffee table to enjoy daily. The 17th century "potato flower" decoration is available in blue or polychrome. You can also choose the "Tulip" or "Eglantine" decor... Read more >>
Small jewelry box in faience pottery Logo EPV
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This small jewelery box in genuine faience pottery from Moustiers is so pretty that it bears the name of Diamond. It comes in several traditional or contemporary decorations, painted by hand. It’s signed by a manufactory of the village recognized by the French EPV label... Read more >>
decorative jewelry box Logo EPV
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This small decorative jewelery box is ideal for decoration, but it could also be used as a pill box or a sugar box, depending on the chosen size. It’s a ceramic piece from Moustiers designed with the typical "bird" with original shape and reliefs. You will love this handcrafted box signed by the craftswoman! ... Read more >>

Ceramic boxes

Find ceramic box ideas in this selection of pieces from art exquite potters workshops. The old-fashioned charm of these beautiful and unique jewelry boxes is full of romance, although being useful. Candy boxes are next to jewelry chests along with jammers or original butter dishes. They serve your daily life well while they bring a touch of sophistication to your home.

Settled on a dresser, these boxes will keep your precious necklaces. A beautiful Louis XIV box will be placed in the center of your buffet to discreetly store your small table decorations. On a coffee table, you can hide cigarette packs and lighters. They’re useful as storage cases without looking like an ordinary box, and that's what we love!

All these secret niches are authentic pieces of Provence earthenware, still shaped to the old, as before. They are hand painted with traditional or contemporary decorations of a beautiful delicacy. Moustiers or Varages faience, the origin is guaranteed by Remember Provence. As arts and crafts piece, each item is signed.

We never get tired of a beautiful object because time has no grip on it. Only the artisan's dexterity transpires and highlights the beauty of ceramics. These items are manufactured by craftsmen and women selected for their intergenerational know-how and authenticity. Collectors are crazy about them!