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Give your home decoration an authentic touch of Southern France!
Woven placemats set Jacquard ecru green
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Auriol cotton and polyester placemats, with beautiful Jacquard weave representing framed olive leaves. They are sold in sets of 6, made in Provence with care and designed for decoration, with beautiful dimensions (19 x 14.5 in.) With a very simple maintenance, the placemats of this collection are available in ecru - green which also contains a little Provencal red… Read more >>

indian fabric toiletry bag
In stock
If you look for a pretty women’s toilet bag, here it is: named Tradition, because it’s made by Marat d'Avignon® in a beautiful Indian from Provence. Quilted for extra hold, it’s lined and has interior pockets and a practical zipper.
Available in 2 large sizes for travel, handbag or the bathroomRead more >>
very large toiletry bag
In stock
A very large toiletry bag is ultra-convenient to store all necessities in the bathroom.
This one, made of quilted Provençal fabric, comes from the magnificent Avignon collection of Marat d'Avignon®.
Also available in medium size, it has an advantageous depth, beautiful finishes and 5 colors to seduce you.
Simple Provencal elegance! ...
unique placemats in jacquard woven
In stock
This set of unique placemats with lavender pattern is made in Provence in cotton and polyester with impeccable finishes. The off-center and framed lavender bouquet is enhanced by the Jacquard weaving.
The beige placemats remain neutral to integrate with all styles, while the yellow set brings color and sun to your room.
Other tableware items and even cushions complete this both rustic and refined Castillon collection. ...
Find out the collection Castillon >>
turquoise table runner
In stock
You’ll love this turquoise table runner with spring colors and large cashmere patterns discreetly drawn in jacquard.
It’s part of the Cassis collection by Marat d'Avignon®, and it’s made in France for impeccable quality. The red / yellow color is also available according to your tastes and your interior. It’s 63 inches long.
A very beautiful runner for your table deco or to offer! ... Read more >>
traditional Marseille soaps with organic olive oil
In stock
This batch consists of two 72% oil traditional Marseille soaps, in cubes of 300 g, for body hygiene (green cube) or laundry (white cube.)
They are crafted in Provence with organic olive oil produced in Provence, which isn't usual anymore. They are entirely vegetable.
The Marseille soap is highly recommended for impeccable antiseptic hygiene without skin damage, and it’s biodegradable and good for the planet. ... Read more >>
Tidy printed Bouquet de lavande
In stock
Tidy, square shape with knots, made of cotton printed with "lavender bouquet" motifs. You will find it in 2 colors: white background or yellow background. The fabric is 100% cotton, and therefore very easy to maintain, machine washable. This could also be used as a bread basket. This article is made in Provence, of course!... Read more >>
Tidy Bastide lavender
In stock
Square shaped fabric basket or tidy to use as a storage case. The provençal Bastide print of Marat d'Avignon is a 100% high quality cotton fabric. It is easy to maintain. Four colors are available: lavender blue with yellow, navy blue on a white background, red and ecru with a turquoise. You may divert this object from its obvious use to make a nice storage box everywhere at home... Read more >>
Throw pillow cover Aubrac
In stock

Fabric 18x18 pillow covers made in Provence, Jacquard cotton and polyester woven for a clean hold and a very elaborate texture. Washing and ironing is easy for this linen of beautiful quality. The Aubrac pattern is available in three colors to come into your home decoration and bring a touch of Provencal elegance. You will be captivated by the delicate design of flowers on a background of hearts we guess intertwined... Read more >>

Thick woven placemats Riviera (x6)
In stock
Protect your table with these thick woven placemats which combine the quality of a thick jacquard fabric with soft tones.
They match easily into any interior style, modern or more classic.
This item Riviera of Provencal creation, sold in a set of 6, is perfect for a glass or wooden table.
The Riviera collection offers coordinated linen to create an atmosphere with southern France touches in your home. ... Read more >>
6 foot textured and cream table runner
In stock
This textured table runner from the Menton collection will bring a sweet elegance to your dining room.
Colors and woven jacquard fabric are ideal for your furniture for a warm and discreet interior deco.
We love the bouquet of lemon and mimosa delicately repeated along the 6 foot cream table runner.
A perfect confection made in Provence! ...
tablecloth for rectangular table
In stock
This tablecloth for rectangular table in cotton or coated is made by Marat d'Avignon® in the purest Provencal spirit.
The tablecloth is 60 inches wide, up to a length of 138. The colors are those of the Bastide collection, here as "allover", that’s to say with pretty "flies" dotted on a colored background.
Its simplicity makes up its charm, and you will enjoy it for a long time thanks to a perfect confection. ... Read more >>

Home deco

Home decoration gives a soul to your house, reflects your personality. Hence the importance of choosing the decorative elements with discernment. A few touches are enough, if your objects are of good quality, they talk about you. The choice of authentic products is always advisable to dress a table, to arrange a living room. All of our decorative linen come from experienced textile manufacturers in our region. The confection has been taken care of in the smallest details, choice of materials, cuts, dimensions and finishes, to offer you a linen of beautiful texture and durable.

Some cotton and polyester Jacquard woven collections are highly traditional because they refer to the ancient motifs of Provençal fabrics. Others are more up-to-date in their decor, while keeping the regional spirit in small details. Not to mention the practical aspect for bathroom terry fabrics. In any case, a superior quality of French manufacture is guaranteed.