French dishes & sweet box

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French dishes and sweet local food in a box from Provence: a delight!
Gourmet grocery saffron box
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This gourmet grocery box is intended for lovers of saffron of Provence. It contains the precious red spice derived from the crocus flower, a Provencal tradition. To flavor your dishes, give them a subtle savour, and enjoy its health benefits, here are 4 products around saffron: stigmas, mustard, syrup, Camargue salt flavored with saffron. The chefs will enjoy cooking, and the guests will appreciate for sure... Read more >>
Sweet selection box with honey
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Here is sweet selection box for you to taste all the subtleties of Provencal honey associated with other ingredients. You have the choice of four very fragrant honeys to which are added black nougat, and a jar of mustard with honey and saffron of Provence. An invitation to try the honey of our region in salty and sweet dishes... Read more >>

French dishes & sweet box

If you like to taste gourmet products, choose a French dishes and sweet food box containing a mix of local groceries. You will have a delicious overview of the best specialties of Provence. You may even compose a whole meal. You could also think about it to offer as food gift sets: wedding, birthday, ... Some of them are Christmas special food. Opportunities coming soon for sure!

Try a French dishes and sweet box filled with tasty and authentic artisan food from the terroir of Provence.

Gourmets will not be deceived: our products have been selected from small producers and confectioners in short circuit (or even very short) in the region of Aix-en-Provence. They are good for health, organic for some, without preservatives nor GMO for cooked dishes. The raw products (honey, rice, olive oil ...) are labeled IGP or AOP, French labels of quality and origin.

Their flavors are natural as in the ancestral recipes of our grand mothers: no industrial manufacturing. Treat yourself or offer our gift baskets with Mediterranean food of Provence : it makes centenarians !