French dishes & sweet box

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French dishes and sweet local food in a box from Provence: a delight!
Luxury Provencal food hamper for two
$113.63 - $28.00
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This is a luxury food hamper for two, with an assortment of traditional French dishes from aperitif to desserts, a prestige menu for at least 2 persons to share tasty festive recipes. You’ll discover the best specialties of Provence including the clairette de Die and typical confectionery. A pure gourmet pleasure box for an exquisite holiday meal! ... Read more >>
Top gourmet Provence saffron box
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This top gourmet box is composed only of products made in Provence with saffron originating from Provence. This assortment of 4 condiments and saffron in stigmas will give your dishes a subtle, fragrant and colorful touch. Coming from a small production, this Provencal spice is naturally protected by the flower, and the producer combines other organic ingredients... Read more >>
Christmas special gourmet food box
In stock
Our Christmas gourmet food basket has been specially designed to offer you a traditional meal of Provence for December 25th. From aperitif to coffee, a set of dishes prepared by Aix en Provence houses of know-how. Respect for authentic Provencal traditions and flavors are on the menu to treat you during the holidays... Read more >>
festive season menu
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This festive season menu has been composed of the best Provencal terroir specialties of the traditional eve dinner. It’s fish-based, according to tradition, and contains the essential ingredients of the thirteen desserts. To offer for a refined tasting full of flavors and healthy!... Read more >>
french christmas dinner menu
$78.83 - $22.77
In stock
A French prestige dinner menu composes this gourmet box to discover the best Provencal specialties, including an aperitif with Clairette de Die ('champagne' of Provence). Not to forget the sweet treats to accompany the coffee. Subtle flavors and ancestral recipes, prepared by quality-conscious craftsmen. Offer or enjoy without moderation! ... Read more >>
French delicatessen box
In stock
A French delicatessen box that you can customize by choosing different versions of terrines, Provencal dishes, Camargue rice, jams and biscuits. These are very traditional Provence recipes, produced naturally or prepared by artisans with a minimum of ingredients. A whole meal from Provence to delight your buds... Read more >>
Vegetarian gourmet box
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This box is composed of authentic French dishes, with fruits, flowers and vegetables ingredients exclusively. This vegetarian gourmet box to taste salty and sweet specialties very typical of the Provencal cuisine. Appetizers  such as poichichade, or pistou soup, a cereal, Camargue IGP rice, Provence PGI honey and fruity confectionery. Everything is artisanal and of guaranteed Provence origin... Read more >>
Provencal seafood dinner menu
$71.88 - $19.30
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This Provencal seafood dinner menu is specially composed for holidays. It’s an ode to the specialties of the Mediterranean Sea. The fish soup (typical food of Marseille) is cooked with olive oil and accompanied by rouille sauce. Not to mention the Clairette de Die, Provençal sweets (nougats or calissons) and chocolate deli (truffles or candied oranges). A delicious sea breeze in a gift hamper box to send to connoisseurs! ... Read more >>
french regional food specialties
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Local products in this gourmet food box from Provence: a whole assortment of authentic savory and sweet specialties. Raw products such as olive oil from Aix AOP, Provence PGI honey, culinary preparations made in Aix en Provence and jams of typical local fruits. Not to mention scented shuttle biscuits. A festival of incomparable tastes!... Read more >>
Gourmet grocery saffron box
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This gourmet grocery box is intended for lovers of saffron of Provence. It contains the precious red spice derived from the crocus flower, a Provencal tradition. To flavor your dishes, give them a subtle savour, and enjoy its health benefits, here are 4 products around saffron: stigmas, mustard, syrup, Camargue salt flavored with saffron. The chefs will enjoy cooking, and the guests will appreciate for sure... Read more >>
french gourmet food
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For Christmas, or any other occasion, get this Provence deli box with unusual condiments, prepared by Provencal artisans. Our selection of the best local products, mustard and jelly with saffron of Provence, confit of figs or onions, without superfluous additives... Read more >>
Christmas hamper basket
$55.65 - $12.60
In stock
This traditional Provencal and festive meal has been specially designed to offer a Christmas hamper basket. From aperitif to coffee, a set of artisanal dishes by gastronomic houses of Provence. The Clairette de Die, the Provençal "champagne" accompanies this menu. Ideal for gourmets as well as greedy persons!... Read more >>

French dishes & sweet box

If you like to taste gourmet products, choose a French dishes and sweet food box containing a mix of local groceries. You will have a delicious overview of the best specialties of Provence. You may even compose a whole meal. You could also think about it to offer as food gift sets: wedding, birthday, ... Some of them are Christmas special food. Opportunities coming soon for sure!

Try a French dishes and sweet box filled with tasty and authentic artisan food from the terroir of Provence.

Gourmets will not be deceived: our products have been selected from small producers and confectioners in short circuit (or even very short) in the region of Aix-en-Provence. They are good for health, organic for some, without preservatives nor GMO for cooked dishes. The raw products (honey, rice, olive oil ...) are labeled IGP or AOP, French labels of quality and origin.

Their flavors are natural as in the ancestral recipes of our grand mothers: no industrial manufacturing. Treat yourself or offer our gift baskets with Mediterranean food of Provence : it makes centenarians !