Promotions & Gift cards

How to buy a gift card?

1 - Go to the page "Gift Cards".

2 - Select a template based on the occasion and click the "Continue" button.

3 - Choose the value of your gift card and personalize it by filling in the fields "From", "To" and "Your message". Then confirm with the "Continue" button.

4 - Select the reception mode:

- Print at home: the gift card is sent to you by email in PDF format.

- Send by e-mail: the gift card is sent by email directly to the beneficiary on the chosen date.

You can then view the gift card by clicking on "Preview" and add it to your cart by clicking on "Add to cart".

Then place your order normally and safely (see "How to place an order?")

How to use my gift card?

To use your gift card:

Make your shopping normally and add the desired items to your cart.

When you're done, go to your cart and click on "Have a promo code?"

Enter the code of your gift card and click on "Add".

If the code entry is correct, the amount of the gift card will be automatically deducted from the total amount of your order.

You can then finalize your order normally.

Good to know: If the amount of your cart is lower than your gift card, you have nothing to pay (only the shipping cost). The remaining amount of your gift card is not lost. It is credited on a new coupon available, for a next order, in your account under the heading "Coupons".

What are the terms of use for gift cards?

You can use your gift cards at any time for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

You can use them partially and in several times as long as the value of the card is not used up.

You can accumulate them and use them with coupons without minimum purchase amount and throughout the site (including sale products).

On the other hand, the refund of a gift card is not possible, and refunded orders having used a gift card are refunded in the form of a new gift card.

Note: It is no longer possible to use a gift card for an order already confirmed (you can then use it for a next order).

How to use my promo code?

If you have a promotion code (or a gift card code), use it on the summary of your cart:

  1. Click on "Have a promo code?"
  2. Enter the discount code.
  3. Then click on "add" to validate the coupon. The value will be automatically deducted from the order amount.
  4. Finalize your order.

Why my promo code does not work?

Several reasons can explain this :

  1. A promo code is valid only once.
  2. A promo code may be available for certain items only.
  3. A promo code can be valid with a minimum purchase.
  4. You can only use one code per order.
  5. Promo codes are valid for a limited time.

Also check that you have entered the code correctly: To avoid any confusion (for example between the letter O and the zero digit), copy and paste the code directly into the dedicated field (rather than typing on the keyboard). Also, make sure there are no spaces between the characters in the code.

Refund of an order made with a gift card?

When you return or cancel an order for which you have used a gift card, we will refund the amount of the order depending on the chosen payment method (credit card, PayPal or check) and the value of the gift card used is automatically credited in the "My vouchers" section of your account.

You can then reuse it the same way as the first time. The conditions of use remain the same as those of the original gift card.

What are the differences between gift cards and promo codes?

To give pleasure to your loved ones, Remember Provence has set up gift cards and coupons. In both cases, you use the corresponding code in the page of your cart by clicking on "Have a promo code?", Entering the code and validating on "Add". The differences essentially concern the conditions of use of each:

1 - Coupons

These are promotional offers set up by Remember Provence so that you can indulge yourself at a lower cost. You may only redeem a coupon once for the duration of the promotional offer. In addition, coupons are not valid on certain products. You will usually find coupons on our Newsletter, advertising campaigns and on some pages of our site, in the form of a promotional code. The conditions of use are therefore more restricted:

- Only one coupon can be used per order.

- Sometimes not usable for the purchase of sale products.

- May be subject to a minimum purchase amount.

- Can only be used once and are no longer valid after finalizing the order.

- Non refundable in cash and not usable after finalization of the order.

2 - Gift cards

The gift cards, meanwhile, are usable at any time! You determine the value of the purchase order. The gift cards are cumulative, refundable and are valid on all Remember Provence products. Thanks to the gift cards, you will be sure to please your loved ones. The conditions of use are very limited:

- Use in any quantity on the same order.

- Use with a coupon.

- Use on all products (including sale products).

- No minimum purchase amount.

- Partial use (if the amount of the order is lower than that of the purchase order).

- Use as many times as possible until the value of the gift card is exhausted.

- Non refundable in cash and not usable after finalization of the order.