Easter specials

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Easter table decor, eggs hunt and festive food to set up the party !
Tablecloth for square table Bastide, Marat d'Avignon
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Tablecloth for square table, 60 inches wide, 100% cotton, from the magnificent Bastide collection with a framed pattern, by Marat d'Avignon®. It is made in Provence and machine washable. Four colors are available for this top-of-the-range print of very nice outfit: the lavender color with some touches of yellow, navy and white, red, and ecru with turquoise... Read more >>
70 inch round tablecloth Bastide, Marat d'Avignon
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70 inch round tablecloth in 100% cotton or coated cotton, with beautiful print Bastide by Marat d'Avignon. It is made in Provence with the utmost care for a perfect fit and superior fabric quality. It is available in three colors: lavender (embellished with yellow), red and turquoise. Accessories are available to complete your table decoration... Read more >>
Provence tablecloth, rectangular, Tradition by Marat d'Avignon
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Provence tablecloth of rectangular shape and 61 inches wide, 100% cotton with anti-stain coating, and 5 lengths available. It is made in Provence by Marat d'Avignon® in the very beautiful Tradition print, typical of the region, machine washable and available in 4 colors. A perfect tablecloth for all uses, indoor and outdoor... Read more >>
Tablecloth for round table Tradition Marat d'Avignon
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Tablecloth for round table, diameter 71 inches, with placed patte
rn Tradition, made in Provence by Marat d'Avignon. The 100% cotton fabric has optional anti stain coating for an easy maintenance. It comes in 4 colors: blue, white and blue, yellow, and orange. The confection is very neat for a result of high quality and a perfect outfit... Read more >>
Square red tablecloth, Avignon framed, Marat d'Avignon
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Square red tablecloth of the marvelous Avignon collection made in Provence by Marat d'Avignon®. It is also available in blue, ecru, grey and yellow. The printed 100% high quality cotton is framed for a perfect outfit. A single dimension is available in 61 by 61 inches. It is machine washable. This item is the Christmas tablecloth par excellence.... Read more >>
Dining table cloth, Avignon stripe by Marat d’Avignon red
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Dining table cloth, rectangular shape with stripe and anti-stain treatement from the beautiful Avignon collection, edited and manufactured in Provence by Marat d'Avignon®. Wide of 61 inches, it is declined in 5 lengths as well as 5 colors. It is made in a beautiful 100% cotton coated fabric, also available without treatment. A pure delight!... Read more >>
Provence tablecloth round Avignon, Marat d'Avignon red
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Provence tablecloth of round shape, coated manufacturing Marat d'Avignon, with printed Avignon placed, in 5 colors. The composition 100% cotton without coating is also available. It was made in Provence, with the care taken by a traditional textile house. The diameter is 71 inches to cover a round or square table, or as a decoration cloth. A very nice item of table linen to offer... Read more >>
Stain resistant tablecloth jacquard Renaissance
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Stain resistant tablecloth of rectangular shape, jacquard woven in a DUPONT Teflon coated cotton, Renaissance collection, made in Provence. There are 4 lengths for an advantageous width of 63 inches. It is machine washable. Two bright colors are available for this beautiful decor, worthy of the ancient royal tables... Read more >>
Square table cloth Jacquard Renaissance blue
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Square table cloth 63x63 inches in size, made of 100% Jacquard woven cotton and coated with DuPONT® Teflon anti-stain treatment. The Renaissance motif and its design of arabesques comes in two trendy colors: turquoise or fuchsia. The “made in Provence” quality is guaranteed by an old textile factory... Read more >>
red table cloth Jacquard Durance, Marat d'Avignon
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White table cloth of Marat d'Avignon in woven Jacquard Durance, a wonderful collection of table decoration. It is round with a diameter of 91 inches as a large round tablecloth. It is available in 7 very elegant colors, with placed motif. The cotton and polyester composition with Dupont® Teflon treatment allows easy maintenance. It's a premium tablecloth... Read more >>
French tablecloths anti stain Jacquard Durance, Marat d'Avignon blue
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French tablecloths from the beautiful Jacquard Durance by Marat d'Avignon®. They are available in cotton and polyester with Dupont Teflon coating as anti-stain treatment, machine washable. The fabric exists in 7 colors and 63 inches wide, with 4 possible dimensions. It is top of the range item, with a quality guaranteed « made in Provence »... Read more >>
Adult aprons, jacquard Mistral, Marat d'Avignon red
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Adult cooking apron for men or women, jacquard woven Teflon Dupont anti stain, made in Provence by Marat d'Avignon®. Offered in unique model, it is designed to fit large sizes with its large dimensions. 10 colors of which some very current are available. The two patch pockets and a flawless finish are additional qualities... Read more >>

Easter specials

The great celebration of spring, in the heart of the season, is the Easter tradition with egg hunt and Easter table decor. We like to gather youngsters and older ones around a beautiful table, decorated with bright colors evoking the renewal of nature.

We've made a selection of items ranging from Easter table linens to culinary aids, including deco and Easter eggs, of course. These are all local crafts products of superior quality.

You will find beautiful Easter tablecloths with anti-stain treatment option, for easy maintenance to fully enjoy this day. Also, handmade faience Easter appetizer plates.

You’ll love these amazing Easter eggs, based on nougat, or heart dark chocolate and calisson paste. They may be displayed on the plate as a guest gift.

You’ll cook with condiments of the Provencal terroir bursting with flavors, with an Easter apron. Or maybe, you’d like to get food for your Easter dinner? If you are invited, offer a gourmet box to your hosts for an original effect.

Please, consult the product pages for a list of ingredients with full transparency, and associated quality labels. As usual, we offer the best of Provencal crafts in all categories. For an Easter party full of colors, scents, and flavors.

Happy Easter ! Be greedy and French style gourmet ...