Hand towels

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Quality bathroom hand towels at low prices!
Bathroom hand towels (x2), with Lavender decor color ecru 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Bathroom hand towels in sets of 2, possibility of 4 colors, made in Provence, decorated with a Lavender embroidery.
The terry cotton is very thick and soft, to wipe your hands gently in a bathroom or in the kitchen.
Machine washable
, these items of good quality will remind you of lavandin fields with so nice scent... Read more >>
Decorative towels terry cotton(x2), Cigale embroidery color yellow 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Decorative hand towels, round with 28 inches in diameter, to hang in the bathroom or kitchen. Sold by pairs, they are made in Provence in a 100% very soft cotton, machine washable. The Cigale pattern and the name of its homeland are embroidered on a piece of cloth for a very singing decoration in 3 colors... Read more >>
Hanging hand towels (x2), Coquelicots embroidery color ecru 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Hanging hand towels 100% cotton of superior quality, very soft, for kitchen or bathroom.
Made in the region, these round hand towels, 28 inches in diameter, suspend by the center to stay within your reach.
The embroidery of poppies and sprigs of lavender comes on several clear or more supported colors to illustrate Provence.
All these sets are machine washable...
hand towels (x2), embroidery Huile d’olive color ecru 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Bathroom hand towels 100% terry cotton.  The highly absorbent, dense fabric is very soft to the touch.
Sold in sets of two, available in 2 colors, and machine washable.
The Huile d’olive embroidery decor rather dedicates this set to the bathroom decoration.
Umbrella-shaped, this round fabric, 28 inches in diameter, hangs by a central fastener to drop the decorated side in a visible way... Read more >>
Round terry towel, embroidered decoration Roses (x2) 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Terry towel, umbrella shape, diameter of 28 inches, sold by 2 pieces, 100% terry cotton, with embroidery Roses decorated on one side of the fabric. It is machine washable.
This hand towel set with a very pleasant softness can be used in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. It was made in Provence, whose name is embroidered on the fabric... Read more >>
Decorative hand towels (x2), terry cotton, Olives color green 30 pourcent sur le 2ème article
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Round decorative hand towels for bathroom or kitchen, soft and dense 100% terry cotton, machine washable.
They are sold per 2 units with the embroidered Olives motif. This is a Provencal manufacturing.
The diameter of these towels is 28 inches for a comfortable surface. 4 colors are possible, from white to yellow, or green, to harmonize with any interior... Read more >>

Hand towels

These assortments of terrycloth or honeycomb cotton hand towels celebrate Provence with various embroidered patterns (lavender, cicada, poppy, olive tree, etc.). You also have the choice of color to match any interior! 

Our towels are made, like all our household linen, by specialized manufacturers who have researched and selected the best raw materials. Ideal for the hands or the face, you can use them indifferently in the bathroom or the restroom for everyday use and for guests.

If you are looking for softness, round hand towels are made from a very dense sponge to provide you a quality, soft and thick towel. You will benefit from maximum absorption with a very pleasant caressing sensation.

If you prefer the rectangle shape, opt for honeycomb towels and high absorption performance. You will be able to appreciate the quality of a cotton with good hold and can also use them in the kitchen as a tea towel for the dishes.