Provence, an old and lively land

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Saint-Rémy de Provence

Of all the regions of France, Provence is certainly one of the most deeply rooted in history and traditions that have been perpetuated from age to age on its soil. A culture that, since ancient times, is marked by the influence of neighboring colonizing peoples, but also by its geographical position and its climate just as temperate as excessive when the natural elements show their strength.

Bordered on the south by the Mediterranean, this region stretches its footprint from east to west of the Italian border at the edge of the Hérault, then sinks towards the north under the Cévennes ardéchoises to return to the Rhone Valley. Provence swallows the Comtat Venaissin towards the east and crosses the Mont Ventoux to reach the mountains of the Alpes de Haute Provence.


Dances and costumes of Provence

The richness of its historical, architectural and cultural heritage rivals the opulent variety of its landscapes and its mineral and vegetable resources that contribute to the diversity of uses and popular arts. Each part of the territory has both a common identity linked to its very old past and certain customs that are specific to it in the field of festivals, cooking recipes or daily practices handed down from generation to generation.

Provence, land of sun, light and colors, will reign forever in the hearts of those who were lucky to be born within it. It is a magnificent jewel that reveals its treasures slowly, slowly, to souls able to understand the complexity of its sources and the simplicity of its nature.

Calanques de Marseilles

A land that Provencal honor in their own way, using it gives them to transcend the small pleasures of everyday life. The art of living in Provence, it's a bit this: namely watching the dry grass of the surrounding countryside, and inhaling the scents of the season. What could be simpler ? This country lives. It breathes, sees, feels, means, contemplates. Besides it appropriates all your being and absorbs you in a set of sweets, singing accent and bright colors. Who is the visitor can only be won definitively.


It is precisely these qualities that still captivate many artists, even from elsewhere, and artisans born in or out of the country. Everyone loves to learn from its light, its reliefs, like Cezanne painting the Sainte-Victoire. Provence has received all gifts: warm golden sun, the deep blue of a refreshing mistral sky, silver and changing foliage of the groves, bright yellow sunflowers, green scorched vineyards in autumn, ocher sediment accumulated over centuries ... and many other gifts of Mother Nature.

So, for the love of this country, let us ask a careful look and enjoy these treasures, and to continue enjoying the work of artisans and Provençal artists, by living oral traditions, and sharing a kitchen full of colors and flavored. The articles that follow do not have an encyclopedic vocation, far from it, but want to be very modest testimony of a native of Provence who just want to share his good fortune, that of living in a land full of history and feeling. A land that leaves no one indifferent ...

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