Oval table cover, Roses

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Oval table cover, Roses et lavandes
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Oval table cover with placed pattern Roses et lavandes made in Provence, 100% cotton and available with anti stain coating.
It is machine washable and can be ironed on the wrong side.
Its dimensions of 61 by 98 inches adapt to several sizes.
An ideal tablecloth to set a beautiful garden or terrace table...

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Sets to compose as you like:

Bread basket printed Rose and Lavender

Bread basket printed Rose and Lavender

Floral tablecloth printed Roses

Floral tablecloth printed Roses


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Quality & elegance

This flowery tablecloth with very pastel colors is fresh and romantic. This is a flawless quality: it is manufactured by a textile company of long tradition located in Provence. The finishes are neat, and the fabric is impeccably held. The placed pattern allows the rectangular shape to dress an oblong table while keeping consistency of the scenery.
An ecru background is sprinkled with rosebuds and lavender stems all over the tray surface. In the middle, a floral wreath of roses, wheat and lavender forms a large centerpiece. The beginning of the drop is marked by a garland of foliage tied by knots. Then, big bunches of wheat and lavender are repeated, punctuated with roses. The decorations are dense but the mixture of colors is very nice. The four corners are adorned with roses and lavenders tied with stalks of wheat.

Treatment: a daily benefit

The choice of treatment is offered for easy maintenance. A coated fabric tablecloth is easy to maintain as a thin layer of acrylic coats the print to make it waterproof. As a result, any stains are quickly erased in a gesture. You can keep your tablecloth on the table. When you feel it necessary, wash your tablecloth as usual for colored items, and iron it upside down. This will revive the protection without damaging the fabric. For an every day tablecloth it's really worth it.
A tip to save your tablecloth: on your tablecloth, use coated placemats, they are faster to clean, and ironing is not always useful. In addition, you can have spare placemats, so do you for napkins.

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Find out the collection Roses & lavandes  

Data sheet
Roses et lavandes
61 inches
98 inches
100% cotton
Without treatment, Coated

All our household linen is made with care in the South East of France with quality textile materials. In order to preserve all the qualities of your article, we recommend you to follow our maintenance advices. This will help you enjoy the features and properties of your house linen longer.

Some tips : to wash your laundry, we recommend Marseille soap, a natural and really effective product that the washerwomen (lavandieres) of Provence used formerly. In addition to being environmentally friendly and harmless to the skin and the environment, it cleans and removes stains perfectly without damaging fabric. You can also use white vinegar as a softener: it's natural too. Do not hesitate and follow the example of Provencal housewives, back to fundamentals: it's good for you, for your home, and for the planet!

For TEFLON treated or coated fabrics: we recommend to iron on the reverse side of the fabric to reactivate the properties of anti-stain treatment.

Lavage à 30¨C Machine wash at 30° C

Ne pas blanchir Do not bleach

Pas de nettoyage à sec No dry clean

Ne pas sécher en tambour Do not use tumble dryer

Repassage à fer froid (110¨C) Low temperature ironing

Choose your tablecloth according to your table (shape and dimensions), how you use it (indoor or in the garden) and ... your preferences!

Which dimensions ?

Whatever the shape of your table, you may start by measuring length and width or diameter.

Once the dimensions known, make sure to add 15 to 35 cm (about 6 to 14 in) on each side for the fallout (30 to 70 cm in total, or 12 to 28 in).



If you do not know the dimensions of the table (for a gift for example), you may count in number of guests: therefore, allow a minimum of 60 to 70 cm (23.6 to 27.6 in) between each guest and apply this simple rule:

- For a rectangular table, the length of the tablecloth should be 150 cm up to 4 persons + 50 cm each time you add 2 more guests (for 10 guests, the length of the tablecloth should be 150 + 3 x 50 = 300 cm)

- For a round table, the diameter of the tablecloth should be 150 cm up to 4 persons + 30-40 cm each time you add 2 more guests (for 8 guests, the diameter of the tablecloth should be 150 + 2 x 40 = 230 cm)

Printed cotton or jacquard woven: a matter of texture

Printed cotton tablecloths and 100% cotton jacquard woven tablecloths are mainly dedicated to the 'art de la table'. They can have an acrylic or Teflon coating to prevent stain permeation. Printed cotton is lighter, for everyday or outdoor use. Jacquard cotton tablecloths are generally more refined, with very elaborate patterns and a texture that makes the drop off more neat. They are appreciated for setting a holiday table.

Jacquard woven cotton and polyester blend tablecloths are more designed for decoration, because this combination of materials and their weaving method allows a thickness close to the upholstery fabric.

In both cases, maintenance remains simple, and machine washing is possible at 30-40 °C, with a recommendation for washing at a 'delicate linen' program for the decorative jacquard woven fabric (because of the threads in relief). We recommend ironing all your tablecloths inside out, to prevent the heat from altering the beautiful colors of Provence. This is strongly recommended for anti stains treated tablecloths and it will reactivate the coating protection.

Is coating useful?

The coating facilitates daily use and spares machine washes by allowing to wipe stains off with a sponge; untreated tablecloths offer a softer touch; Teflon-treated tablecloths offer 2 advantages ... Your choice will depend essentially on 3 criteria:

- Outdoor use: If your tablecloth is mainly used outdoor, we recommend that you choose coated cotton;

- Frequency of use: for daily use, prefer the coating to simplify maintenance. Conversely, for occasional use (party, reception, etc.), we recommend a tablecloth without coating for printed cotton or treated with Teflon for jacquard woven cotton.

- Your personal feelings: If you want to find the touch of 100% cotton, go for untreated or Teflon treated tablecloths.

Please note that our textiles with anti-stain coating use a professional treatment made in France: the EASY PRO process.

Stain-free coating

Knowledge and Expertise... Guaranteed!

Developed by a French company, Easy Pro coating procedure ensures the guarantee of a quality textile product . This treatment, tested according to international standards, responds to the technical demands of everyday use:

  • acrylic coating with anti-stain finish
  • spot cleaning with damp sponge
  • simple and easy maintenance
  • surface coating resistant to oil, wine and coffee

Textiles treated with Easy Pro are systematically tested in laboratories:

1 - Tests the superficial dampening of a fabric

Carried out according to the international standards IDT ISO 4920 and NF EN 24920, this test determines the resistance to water absortion in a fabric that is sprayed with a liquid.

spray test

2 - Measures the impermeability of a fabric

Carried out according to the international standards DIN 61539, this test measures how waterproof a substance is when subjected to water pressure.

impermeability of a fabric

EASY PRO Care instructions:

  1. Daily maintenance: Wash with damp sponge (avoid abrasive surfaces).
  2. In extreme cases: Machine wash possible, iron on reverse side.
Lavage à 30¨C Ne pas blanchir Pas de nettoyage à sec Ne pas sécher en tambour Repassage à fer froid (110¨C)


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10/10 - rating
We love our table cloths! They are so pretty
10/10 - rating
10/10 - rating
Beautiful indeed !!

I love this tablecloth totally. The color, design, everything is beautiful; more than I expected.


Great to know you love it!


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Will the oval work on oblong table?
Yes in most cases ...
It depends on the dimensions of your table.
You can use the explanations in the 'Choose your tablecloth' tab.
Send us your table's dimensions to give you a more precise answer.
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