Match tablecloth and napkins with wonderful patterns from Provence !
Dinner napkins, woven Jacquard Durance, Marat d'Avignon ecru beige
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Dinner napkins in Jacquard woven Durance, beautiful collection by Marat d'Avignon, available in ecru beige or dark grey.
It is composed of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, machine washable, 20x20 inches for maximum comfort.
The elegance of Durance made in Provence is perfect for celebrating special occasions... Read more >>
holiday red cloth napkins cotton
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These red cotton cloth napkins with jacquard motif are ideal for Christmas, for example, and for all festive tables.
Massilia is a Provencal creation from Marat d'Avignon®, a textile house of quality and tradition.
If you want to coordinate tablecloth and napkin, you can pick from the collection: linear tablecloths are available in different sizes and shapes. You’ll also find matching table runner and jacquard tea towels to make an elegant table dressing. ...
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Napkin set printed Avignon by Marat d'Avignon blue
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Napkin set of 6, 100% cotton, 18x18 inches, made in Provence in the Avignon allover print, by Marat d'Avignon. It is matching the tablecloths of the same collection, but can be sold separately. It is machine washable with excellent color holding... Read more >>
blue cloth napkins
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This set of dining table napkins is made from a woven jacquard cotton that belongs to the very beautiful Vaucluse collection, by Marat d´Avignon®.
It’s available in gray, ecru / blue or blue / yellow to match your tablecloth or make color compositions on a reception table. Of course, they are machine washable and can be ironed.
Check out the Vaucluse line to enjoy the Provençal quality for fabric tableware! ...
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best cloth fabric napkins for kitchen
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Find yourself in Provence, with this Lauris fabric napkins set with a lovely framed floral pattern!
They match the tablecloths from the same collection but can also be purchased independently.
The best cloth napkins are made of a fine quality cotton that can be washed and ironed for a long time without altering the colors of the print.
In addition, buying sustainable is good for the planet. No excuse for not having fun for your everyday table. ... Read more >>
luncheon napkins with olive pattern
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Luncheon napkins must be of excellent quality for a daily use.
This set of 6 reusable napkins from the Nyons collection is made from a durable 100% cotton fabric and the colors will last over time. No need to worry about the brightest colors.
The pretty centered and framed olive branch brings a very Provencal touch to your table. ... Read more >>
easter cloth napkins in jacquard woven fabric from provencal brand Marat d'avignon
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Here are all cotton dinner napkins set matching the Jacquard tablecloth of a lovely collection by Marat d'Avignon®.
They are available in two colors proposed for all Cassis items: yellow / red or turquoise. The dimensions are large enough: 19.5 in per side, and are suitable for the standards of fine reception linen.
Their beautiful framed pattern of cashmere will look great on your table. ... Read more >>


A machine washable cloth napkin is essential to match tablecloth and napkins, or to use every day. Two types of fabrics are available in our catalog: printed cotton (side of 18 inches) or Jacquard woven (20x20), in Provencal design.
Our napkins are sold in sets of 6. You can buy them with or independently of the tablecloths of the same collection. Same thing for placemats, of which they are also accessories. Almost all our ranges are represented here to help you compose your tablecloth and napkins set.
You can also enjoy buying only napkins with patterns and colors of Provence for your daily table. We have Christmas napkins, all cotton or elegant jacquard weaving. Finding napkins as table decoration for a wedding is also possible.
All our items are made in Provence and showcase the most beautiful traditional motifs to pass on to future generations.